Palestinian Youth

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Youth in Palestine under occupation face difficult times. We all know how desperate the situation in the Gaza Strip is. All citizens there, including youth, do have real problems of physical survival, medical care, having enough money to buy what is needed. Many youth think, with good reason, that they do not have a future being locked up in s small strip of land without a real economy.

In the West Bank, too, the youth have their difficulties. They often do not know what to study, what to work later, as the Israeli checkpoint system puts severe limitations on their freedom of movement. West Bankers can travel to Jerusalem only with a permit which is difficult to get. The largest part of the Palestinian Occupied Territories are under direct Israeli control, while the cities in the West Bank that are under Palestinian control do have only limited powers.

The Arab Educational Institute contributes to the modest efforts to give a horizon to the life of Palestinian youth. Especially in the Bethlehem, Ramallah and Hebron regions, we are working hard to activate youth of different ages, to involve them in inter-religious and intercultural projects, and to create life through our facilities at the Youth House in Bethlehem.

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