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AEI's  “Culture and Palestine” series issued in Bethlehem explores expressions of Palestinian culture, including popular customs, arts and traditional stories. It is the series’ main purpose to involve Palestinian school communities in learning to know about and to express knowledge of Palestinian culture, to understand its relevance for contemporary situations, and to communicate it to a public locally and abroad.


The "Wall Museum"
Palestinian stories on the Wall
in Bethlehem


The retold diary of Yara,
a child from Bethlehem 



"If you did not destroy my home..."

Palestinians respond to Israeli occupation


Youth of Palestine
An educational manual, videos and game (2008)

Together with the Belgian volunteer Anaele Hermans and the sending Brussels-based JAVVA (, AEI designed a project that on the one hand guided Palestinian youth from the Bethlehem area in how to communicate their daily life reality to foreign youth, and, on the other, developed a full-fledged information package in English and French about the life of Palestinian youth. The package came to include a magazine about Palestinian youth with a history of the conflict, sources, and thematic focuses on youth and gender, youth and work, study, religion, and human rights. It also includes a documentary about Youth in Palestine, two videos in cartoon animation for Palestinian Kids and Youth and a “checkpoint game,” which has been also translated into Dutch (with cardboard).

On a Donkey to Bethlehem

Marinus van Nistelrooij (2007)

Marinus van Nistelrooj visited Bethlehem several times in 2006-2008 and gave drawing lessons to the youth at AEI. While he was here, he made black and white drawings of Bethlehem and other Palestinian scenes. People saw him quietly sitting or standing with sketchbook in hand. He did not draw with any agenda; he did so simply as part of his daily work. His drawings show not only the exterior of Bethlehem but more importantly, its soul, its wounded pride and longings. We were delighted with his insights and encouraged him to make a little book of his drawings that has become the present book, Marinus' drawings fall into sections that reveal various aspects of his pilgrimage: Peace, Hospitality, A Land Denied, Traveling and Sumud (or Steadfastness).


Photos of James Prineas (2008)

This collection of photo booklets kept together in a beautiful holder, conveys the deep spirit and way of life which Palestinians retain while facing hardship. This spirit – often called sumud or steadfastness, persistence or determination – expresses the silent pride of a people who despite all the odds continue to live connected with their land and celebrate its grace and cultural beauty. Toine van Teeffelen explains the sumud concept through stories and impressions from life in Palestine.

Hoping against Hope (2007)

This booklet has been part of the regional campaign "1001 Actions for Dialogue" launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation for the enhancement of peaceful coexistence and intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area. It contains small stories of hope from the Bethlehem area, written by women, youth and a visiting international.

Challenging the Wall: Towards a Pedagogy of Hope
Toine van Teeffelen (ed) (2007)

A collection of inspiring contributions, 170 pp, about the deep sources of hope in the struggle for justice and peace in the Holy Land, on the occasion of the opening of the Sumud House in Bethlehem.

Living in the Holy Land: Respecting Differences
Judaism, Christianity and Islam (reprint 2007)
Fuad Giacaman and Walid Mustapha (eds.)

A teacher manual with information how to introduce inter-religious learning on the three monotheistic religions in and outside the Palestinian classroom.

"Another Way, Non-violence as a Mentality and Strategy in Palestine: Materials for Education". (2003, reprint 2010)

This small book is an overview of AEI’s approach towards non-violence in the Palestinian context.  A French translation is available.


"Living Together in The Holy Land: Respecting Differences"
(2004) برنامج العيش في الديار المقدسة: احترام الاختلافات"

The teacher manual on inter-religious learning in Arabic.
Caged In: Life in Gaza During the Second Intifada (2007)
Based on observations and narratives from observers of United Civilians for Peace (Netherlands), this magazine gives an overview of the daily life hazards in Gaza during the period 2002-2004. In English.
Ibrahim 'Ayyad (2001)
“Ibrahim 'Ayyad: One of the most distinguished figures in the national Palestinian struggle" is a book on the biography and memories of a living monument of the Palestinian struggle for national rights. The book, authored by Ya’coub Al-Atrash, a well-known Palestinian storywriter, covers the different phases of this Bishop’s life and the events he witnessed both in the Middle East and elsewhere.
Bethlehem Community Book (2001)
Discover the Palestinian Religious Culture. 162 pp. with editions in English and Arabic. The book contains chapters about the ancient history of Bethlehem; the 19th and 20th centuries; religious life through peasant eyes; churches in the Bethlehem area; theologies of meditation, service and liberation; Moslem and Christian living together, and traditional handicrafts.
Sahtain (1999)
Discover the Palestinian Culture by Eating. 110 pp. Published by the Freres School in Bethlehem. The book contains 60 recipes of meat and fish dishes, snacks, sweets and pies, and drinks. Apart from stories, there is background information about traditional and modern food habits in Palestine.
Moral Stories from Palestine (2000)
Discover Cultural Wisdom through Stories, with English and Arabic texts. Chapters with 22 brief, traditional as well as modern, stories grouped around the following themes: generosity, justice, trust, humility, courage and forgiveness. In addition, a 35-page teacher manual (only available in Arabic) can be ordered, as well as a card game using traditional proverbs for dealing with dilemmas of present-day Palestinian life (in Arabic only).

Bethlehem Diary: Living Under Curfew and Occupation 2000-2002

Toine van Teeffelen

290 pp. Contains diaries of a Dutchman married to a Palestinian and living and working in Bethlehem. With a preface by Patriarch Michel Sabbah.

Your Stories Are My Stories (2001)
A Palestinian Oral History Project, 142 pp. Published by St Joseph School for Girls, Bethlehem; Wi’am Conflict Resolution Center, and the Arab Educational Institute. Contains oral histories written by students of 16-17 years at St Joseph School in Bethlehem.


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