Prayers 2009

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Gebet für die Menschen in Gaza

Liebender Gott! Wir beten und bitten Dich:
Halte Deine schützende Hand über Dein hart geprüftes  Volk von Gaza.
Lass die Menschen nicht in äußerste Verzweiflung fallen –
sondern lass das winzige Pflänzchen Hoffnung zu einem grünen und blühenden Baum heranwachsen.

Oh Gott! Du bist der Gott der Rache!
Lass Dein Volk nicht Rache, sondern Versöhnung denken –

nicht Zerstörung,  sondern Wiederaufbau.

Lass das Wunder Wirklichkeit werden, wie es in Micha (4) geschrieben steht:

„Sie sollen ihre Schwerter in Pflugscharen umschmieden, und ihre Speere in Sicheln“.

Liebender Gott! Lass uns Hand in Hand wandern: Juden und Christen und Muslime,

und gewähre uns allen ein Leben in Fülle! Shalom/Salaam


Prayer for the people of Gaza

Oh, loving God,

we pray and ask you to hold your caring hands over your hard tried Gazan folks.

Do not allow them to fall in utterly despair –

but let the tiny plant of hope grow into a green and blossoming tree.

Oh God, you are the Lord of Revenge!

Allow your people think reconciliation instead of revenge –

and reconstruction instead of  destruction.

Let the marvel become true, as was written by Micah, that “they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks”.

Oh, loving God, do allow us to walk hand in hand, Jews, Christians and Moslems,

And give to all of us a life in fullness, shalom/salaam.


Gerhilde Merz

Pax Christi Austria


je prie pour la paix à Israel et en Palestine,

Que la grâce de Dieu par L'Esprit Saint répend dans le coeur de chacun. et que chacun essaie de progresser des gestes  de la paix pour l'autre.

Marie Do


Liebe Leserinnen und Leser!  

In dieser Aktionswoche des Ökumenischen Rates der Kirchen bin ich in besonderer Weise mit Euch in Eurer Not verbunden!  

Ich weiß um die vielfache Unterdrückung und Entrechtung, die Euch die israelische Besatzungsmacht antut.  

Ich verbreite diese Informationen laufend in meinem Umfeld, damit die Menschen bei uns informiert sind und Euch nicht vergessen. 

Mein Gebet für Euch:

Möge Gott Euch seine Nähe spüren lassen und Euch so die nötige Kraft schenken, nicht zu verzweifeln.

Möge er alle die Menschen stärken, die für einen gerechten Frieden im hl. Land arbeiten! 

Ich grüße Euch in herzlicher Verbundenheit

Winfried Belz

Mitglied von Pax Christi  

The Netherlands

I wish that all people involved in this conflict, especially the ones who take the decisions, would be able to realise that every human being has the right to live in freedom and wants to live his/her life like they want to. Everybody needs a place to live and should be able to live there in peace and in freedom. They earn respect and space for themselves. 

Please, treat other people like you want to be treated yourself.

Sharing and giving feels much better than hate and keeping everything to yourself.  

You can keep hating and fighting and bombing, but it will never solve anything. Please, be the first one to make the difference yourself by talking to other people.  

Try to solve the problems with words and not with weapons.

In the end, words are the strongest weapon that a human being has. 

Please WAKE UP everybody! How will you be able to ever look yourself right into the eyes if you let it all happen?!  

Wish you lots of strength to solve this terrible problem in Israël. Why live like this, when you can live a good live when the responsible persons will finally leave people alone and start to let their hearts speak instead of their guns and boms. 

Why is it so difficult to LIVE AND LET LIVE?!

Bethlehem 2009.

Oh Bethlehem, you shame of Christianity.. 
Did we learn nothing?!  
Where once was the Way full of Truth, faithful Life,  
it all went astray, all is brute, filled with lies..  

Where are the fruits of our Christian ways? 
Is two thousand nine not enough to say; hey..  
is it so sure, we did learn from Crusades?.. 
Or are we supporting those, every day? 

What is it you dream of at Christmas, lets say; 
Three kings in the night, that all came a long way?  
Well sorry I don’t, something else here’s to stay; 
The Wall and expulsion, and suffering each day.. 

We say we love peace, and that is what we aim, 
but the Westbank is conquered, and too in Christ’s name.   
We say we don’t want that, but keep up the trade, 
thus helping the wipeout, the slow torturing way. 

Where is our Faith, if at the heart of it’s start, 
we tolerate this violence, even adding our part? 
We’re shouting, Islam should be liberal and mild,  
while our Bible tells Joshua; kill all men, every child..  

My faith sees a challenge, a new good against bad.  
A cleanout by Christians, with sense in their head. 
And if we succeed, we’ll unite in good faith, 
but until then, it’s just tears in Christ’s face..  

Serge van Erkelens, 
Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

United States of America

Two prayers were written at Walteria United Methodist Church in Torrance, California on June 7, California's day for prayer for Middle East Peace and United Methodist Peace with Justice Sunday. 

Holy and merciful God, Transform our thinking that "war can bring peace to your world." Be in the minds of the world's leaders. Amen 

God of peace and hope, encourage those who seek to establish a fair and just peace in the Middle East. Bless their efforts as they work to end conflict. Lead those who engage in violence to put down their weapons and to live in peace with one another. Amen. 

Grace and peace, Sara Dickens

God, we thank you that you are working still.  We thank you for all messengers of peace who have kept alive the angel song of "Peace on Earth."  We thank you for all workers for justice and mercy.  Give them untiring energy as they seek to implement your divine justice defined by love.  Hasten the day when the liberty of Shalom will dry the tears of those weeping over your suffering people in all the cities of the world. 

May Seekers of "The Way" of the ever-guiding "I AM" say "AMEN." 

Mildred Howarter
United Methodist

Fort Myers Beach, Floridaa

Peace for the land where our holy founders where born. 
Jew, Muslim and Christian may the founders thoughts of respect and   
love of others drown out the thoughts of hatred today. 
Where children will learn to play together again and not run in fear. 
Where the land can produce food and not get burn from bombs. 
Where you will hear the sound of prayer and laughter not gunfire. 
I call to Our Creator to bless all with peace. Amen

I pray DAILY for peace, but will pray especially intensely on Sunday, June 7.  

In God's goodness,  

Dr. William J. Sneck, S.J., Ph.D.
Assoc. Dir., Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth
Wernersville, PA 19565

At our monthly United Methodist Women’s meeting yesterday in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, two of us presented the Plenary from the 2008 Cooperative School of Christian Mission on Israel/Palestine.  Included were writing of individual prayers for peace which were then placed on our “Wailing Wall.”  I am including them for you.

  • Heavenly Father, We pray for peace in all lands.  Let people see they are more alike than different.  Amen.
  • Dear Lord, May our hearts be open to all, let us pray for peace, uniting all nations in one cause for peace. Amen.
  • Our Heavenly Father, Please be with the people in the Holy Lands and help them find peace and harmony.  Amen.
  • I pray that Israel and Palestine can find peace together for the sake of their children.
  • Dear Merciful Father, Hear our earnest prayers for peace for these distressed people.  The hope is in the children and women to empower them with your love and grace to make a difference.  Amen.
  • Dear Heavenly Father, Please bring peace to men’s hearts and place it on their minds.  Wield your mighty sword above all that they may know you and know peace in your precious name.  Amen.
  • Lord, May they find the “Living Water” you give along with the “Well Water” so necessary for life.  Amen.
  • Our God in Heaven, Be with those little ones. Help them to be fed and provide for them a place for peace.  Amen.
  • Dear God, Father of all peoples of the world, grant that peace and love may flourish among all your children.  Let them feel your love and express this love to each other.  Guide the leaders of the nations to find peace and justice among all men.  Amen.
  • Gracious Lord, I know you desire peace and justice for all your children throughout the world.  Hear our prayers.  Touch the leaders of Israel and Palestine as well as other leaders of the nations of the Middle East with a will to change hearts and minds.  Help them to lead their people to be peaceful nations, breaking down barriers of physical walls and walls of hatred.  Guide us to speak out, to act, as well as to pray for peace to come at last for these precious people of our Holy Land.  Amen.

Judy Dirks, President, Bonners Ferry (Idaho)United Methodist Women

Gracious God, King of Creation: we pray for all people whom you have created in your own image, but especially for those whose spiritual heritage is rooted in Father Abraham.  Raise up leaders among Muslims, Christians, and Jews who will have the courage and faithfulness to work for peace instead of war, reconciliation instead of recrimination, gathering instead of scattering.  May this be the time when political leaders give heed to the human cries for justice and mercy and hope.  Give them the willingness and desire to follow and obey the guidelines already in place which are meant to affect the lives of Palestinians and Israelis and their relationship with one another - to the end that this Holy Land, where the Prince of Peace walked and ministered, may, at long last, realize the harmony and peace which God intends for all his people.  

May all God's people say, "Amen."  So be it!  

John Hayner

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Largo, Florida

Peace!   Salaam!  Shalom!

I share with you this prayer form the book: Sparks from the Sacred Fire. I promise to continue to pray, advocate and speak for Jesus' Dream of Peace!

The Jesus-Dream

“In chaos and quiet the Jesus- Dream grows

I believe we are called to dream the Jesus-dream.

I believe the Jesus-dream will heal the hurting people

and heal the hurting earth.

I believe the Jesus-dream will spark the Spirit power,

Will help all to learn how to live and love and be.

I believe the Jesus-dream will break the fetters

of the oppressed  and help them be free.

I believe the Jesus-dream will draw us together

So that one day all will be Jesus-dreamers.

All will know one dream, the Jesus-dream.

We will know one power, the Spirit power.

We will know that God is Love, and we are Love.

I believe the number of Jesus-persons will grow

and the Jesus-dream will grow.

And the dream will transform

each of us

our nation

our world!

Harmony will be restored and all will know

That we are One!

Lillia Langreck, SSND -Milwaukee, WI

I pray that all people will open their minds and hearts to truly hear what the other side is saying, to take that into account and to act out of charity, forgiveness and hope. 
Harriet McCleary 
Minneapolis, MN 
&"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." --Alvin Toffler

I pray for peace among all the inhabitants, that they may live in harmony, that no more violence may occur and that no more people may die or livlihoods be destroyed

Heather Parra 
Most Holy God:  

Please bless your chosen people Israel, your children in Christ, and all who have submitted to You in Islam.  Inspire us all to look within ourselves to find ways to honor our own faiths in You as well as to respect the faiths of our brothers and sisters as they worship You in sincerity.    

The words of Jesus, peace be upon him, remind us: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God."  Show us how to be peacemakers, not faultfinders, nor terrorists, nor takers of retribution.  

May our hearts be cleansed and our vision cleared that we may do all we can to bring peace to Israel, Palestine, and the whole Middle East, the cradle of civilization.  


Carol Spiller 

I unite my prayer with all who pray for peace based on justice and respect for all people, Jews, Palestinians, Muslims, Christians, who live in the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  May God’s Spirit move the hearts and consciences of leaders and peoples to recognize that we are all sisters and brothers of the all Holy One.   

Judith A. Ryan 
O God of all people and Peoples, we ask You with all of our hearts for Your Peace on earth for all of us.  Thank you, God!

Theresina Greenwell

Dear friends in Palestine Israel,

I  pray for your peace and justice every day. Since visiting you last year, I'm able to put your faces into my prayers. I know that God is just, but sometimes slow to act, but, also abounding in steadfast love for all who call on God's name. I am praying for a miracle. I was in Berlin, to see the wall there, and returned after the fall of the wall. I do believe the miracle is possible for you. With blessings and hope, Mary Anderson, Barrington, IL, USA

United Kingdom

God of justice and peace

I give you thanks for the courage and dedication of the members of the many peace groups - Israeli, Palestinian and international - who demonstrate nonviolently, offer support unconditionally and publicise human tights abuses fearlessly.  Give them the strength to continue their work.

But may the day come soon when they will no longer be needed. 

Liz Burroughs

Former Ecumenical Accompanier

in Bethlehem and Jerusalem


"Father, Son and Holy Spirit!  
We pray for a just peace in Israel and Palestine  
that truth and trust can grow from where you sent your spirit of understanding and fellowship  
over the Apostles during the first Pentacost after your resurrection,  
that you may comfort the Christians and all suffering people in Israel and Palestine  
and strengthen them with your spirit of power and braveness to bring understanding and reconciliation.  Amen!"

Many, many warm greetings from Northern Norway for Pentacost to all of you:  
Salaam, shalom and peace of Christ!

:-Dirk Torsvik Gieselmann  
Ecumenical accompanier  
Team 28  
Bethlehem autumn 2008



Preghiere dalla palestina 2009

E’ semplicemente terribile rimanere a guardare i disordini che accadono a Gaza senza essere in grado di fare nulla. Ma abbiamo ancora la possibilita’ di sperare, di pregare.

Ferial Qassis

Professore del Talitha Kumi, Beit Jala

O mio Dio, ti chiedo attraverso ogni tuo nome di far diventare realta’ le mie speranze. Spero che tu continui ad essere misericordioso, nonostante il mondo stia diventando piu’ simile ad uno zoo. Spero che in Paradiso tutti questi bambini si trasformino in uccelli, e possano cosi’ smettere di piangere, smettere di vedere sangue intorno a loro! O mio Dio, ti prego di darci la possibilita’ di aiutarli, di farli sentire al sicuro e asciugare le loro lacrime. Spero che un giorno gli Israeliani siano capaci di ascoltarci, capaci di essere misericordiosi, come solo tu sai essere. Mio Dio, tu solo sei in grado di fermare questa crudelta’ e di vedere cosa hai riservato per le persone che hanno fatto del bene. Forse se ricevessero il tuo perdono e la tua misericordia anche loro sarebbero capaci di vivere il mondo come in paradiso. Amen.

Tony Nassar,

insegnante alla scuola Dar- al-Kalima, Betlemme

O Dio, fai in modo che ogni goccia di sangue che scorre nel corpo di ognuno di noi possa far sentire alla gente con umanita' e ci ricordi che siamo essere umani.

Samia Shahin, insegnante della scuola Terra Santa, Betlemme

Auguri per Gaza

Noi siamo bambini di Betlemme, West Bank\Palestine. Viviamo vicino alla Chiesa della Nativita', il luogo dove e’ nato Gesu’ Cristo; e alla Grotta del Latte, dove la Vergine Maria allatto’ il bambino Gesu’. Ogni natale gli abitanti di Betlemme ricevono auguri e preghiere da tutte le parti del mondo e anche noi, a turno, ti recitiamo queste preghiere per poter ricevere il dono piu’ prezioso, l’amore di Dio, cosi’ come e’ stato proclamato dagli angeli ai pastori di Betlemme. Noi ti amiamo come Tu ami noi tutti.

Membro di un gruppo giovanile, Betlemme

Un’ attivista internazionale per la pace ci spiego' perche’ vuole ritornare a Gaza. “ E’ per la gente di Gaza. E’ il suo spirito, il suo coraggio, la sua resistenza o sumud, la sua gentilezza, il suo calore, l’ospitalita’, il suo amore e la resistenza all’occupazione che mi ha fatto tornare."

Elias, professore di Beith Sahour

O mio Signore, solleva il peso e le sofferenze che schiacciano la popolazione di Gaza. Dona loro pace e tranquillita’ e permettigli di poter vivere il senso di una vita vera. Dona loro la forza di potersi risollevare e di potersi prendere cura dei loro bambini. O Dio benedici noi tutti. Amen.


Sylvana Giacaman, Betlemme

Le preghiere e pianti alla Terra che seguono, tutte rivolte alla pace, sono state scritte da studenti della quarta superiore ( 11' grado) della scuola Terra Santa di Betlemme


Come giovane studente palestinese che vive sotto occupazione, parlare di “pace” e’ diventato per me un po’ troppo complicato, per la distorta idea di pace che ha Israele. Con il termine "pace" giustifica la compravendita di terreni per poter soddisfare la sua sete di territorio e di insediamenti. In cambio noi chiediamo di bloccare la loro pace, perche' per noi sarebbe solo una sconfitta. Non si puo' parlare veramente di pace finche' ci sara' la barriera di separazione e finche' non siano rispettati i diritti del popolo palestinese, spesso costretto a subire le violazioni di proprieta' da parte israeliana.


  1. Sono uno studente palestinese di Betlemme, dell’11mo grado. Mi auguro e prego che la pace sia possible. Nonostante fino ad ora Israele non ci abbia riconosciuto i nostri diritti come palestinesi. Loro non seguono nessuna regola. Ci sono molti ostacoli per raggiungere la pace: il muro, il controlllo israeliano su Gerusalemme, il loro tentativo di cambiare l'aspetto della citta' per farla diventare Ebraica,  il folto numero di prigionieri nelle carceri israeliane, i refugiati, i massacri e le violazioni illegali perpetuate dall'esercito israeliano sul popolo palestinese, la costruzione di altri insediamenti, i checkpoint illegali. Tutto queasto non ci portera' verso la pace. I palestinesi malgrado tutte queste sofferenze vogliono la pace, ma per gli Israeliani la pace non e' possibile. Il governo Israeliano non accetta l'accordo di Ginevra che ci garantisce i nostri diritti. Gli Israeliani non stanno facendo niente per favorire il processo di pace. Io, nonostante tutto  continuo a pregare per la pace.
  2. Secondo me, studente della scuola Terra Santa di Betlemme, la pace non la vedremo. Ogni giorno vediamo la barriera di separazione circondarci come se fossimo in una prigione. Non possiamo raggiungere i piu' importanti luoghi sacri, come il Santo Sepolcro o la Cupola della Roccia. Ho 17 anni e non posso raggiungere le maggiori citta' della palestina che distano meno di mezzora, mentre posso andare in altre citta' che sono molto piu' distanti
  3. Probabilmente la pace e' quello di cui abbiamo piu' bisogno nel nostro Paese, ma nonostante la sua importanza non la riusciamo a trovare da nessuna parte. Pace e' come una meta che non riusciamo a raggiungere. Come possiamo pensare alla pace e vivere tranquillamente e in sicurezza circondati da un muro di separazione e da insediamenti ovunque? Come possiamo costruire la pace se continuano a dividerci tra zone  e territori come se vivessimo in una grande prigione? Tutto questo deve sparire. Cosi' come le barriere e i checkpoint. Le persone non possono andare da nessuna parte senza un permesso (ammesso che riescano a procurarselo). Come studente che vive nei territori occupati di Betlemme, che cosa posso dire se non posso nemmeno raggiungere il mare, distante appena 18 kilometri da casa mia? Tutte queste questioni devono essere risolte, solo allora posso parlare e pregare per la pace!


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