Children's Prayers from Palestine

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Prayers 2010


We pray to have flying kites
So as to be able to fly
We would like to raise the Palestinian flag
And the Israeli occupation will be over
We pray that the Israeli soldiers will leave our country
So that we can sing beautiful songs
And we pray that our country will be full of green mountains and blue river

We wish to have fun with our relatives
We like to eat Christmas sweets a lot
Because they are delicious and we help our mothers to prepare them
We like to decorate the Christmas tree
It is so nice to exchange visits and to greet one another during Christmas
Bethlehem will become beautiful with all the Christmas decoration in the streets and on the buildings

We pray to God to help us succeed with our studies and forgive our sins

We pray to heal all sick people and to protect all parents, brothers, and sisters

Kids group from Bethlehem/Beit Sahour/Beit Jala, of about 25 children, around 8 years old.

Oh Lord,

When my father gives us a ride in his car, I see the wall everywhere I go
I pray that one day this all will be demolished
So the Israelis and us can be friends or good neighbors

I am a member in one of the scouts in Bethlehem
At Christmas, I join in the scouts processions, as a drummer
In the processions we are all one

I hope that all the conflicts and problems in families will be over
I pray to God that we will love one another again and never fight
I hope that parents will love their children
And bring them presents
And celebrate the New Year together as one family.

Jacob Marcos, 12 years old, Terra Sancta School for Boys

I pray that Palestine will be free from Israeli occupation
I pray that justice will prevail among the nations
I pray that peace will spread and that all sad people will be filled with happiness
especially at Christmas

I pray that my friends and I will stay together
I pray for the New Year with its new challenges

Maher Maria, 11 years , Terra Sancta School for Boys, Bethlehem

Dear Lord,

The conflict between Israel and Palestine should be resolved
Israelis and Palestinians should live in tolerance, peace and harmony
My family and I share joy and happiness because Jesus was born in Bethlehem
Let Santa Claus give children a toy as Christmas gift
Let there be barbecues and let children play cards and computer games if they can
Let the children’s wishes for the future come true

Thank you, Lord

Youssef Mitri, 11 years, Terra Sancta School for Boys, Bethlehem

I live in Bethlehem, which is a very beautiful town
It is surrounded by the Separation Wall
This prevents us from going to Jerusalem to visit the Holy Sepulcher Church and the Aqsa Mosque
I really hope that Palestine will be free
So that we are able to go to Jerusalem and visit our relatives there

During Christmas, many pilgrims from different countries come to join us in our celebration
I love Christmas because I share with people love and joy
The New Year makes us one year older
I wish all families everywhere the blessings from God
I pray that I will be a doctor in the future and treat all those who can't afford paying for their medication

Ibrahim Qattan, 13 years, Latin Patriarchate School in Beit Jala.

It's just terrible to watch the mess that happened there in Gaza and remain unable to do anything. But we are still able to wish, to pray.

Ferial Qassis

Teacher Talitha Kumi Beit Jala

“My God, I'm asking you by every name you have to make my wishes come true. I wish your mercy will linger on this world which became like a zoo. I wish all these children who will be birds in heaven to stop crying, to stop seeing all this blood around! And please My Lord, make us able to help them, make them feel safe, and dry their tears. I wish one day Israelis will be able to feel, to be merciful, just as you are. My God, you're the only one who's able to stop cruelty, and able to see what you prepared for good people. Maybe if they received your forgiveness and mercy they too will make this world like a heaven. Amen.”

Tony Nassar, teacher Dar al-Kalima School, Bethlehem

Oh God, with each drop of blood which moves in each one of us let us keep people feeling with humanity and be human beings.

Samia Shahin, teacher Terra Sancta school, Bethlehem

We pray in all the churches for the future of Gaza, for wisdom and a peaceful future.We pray for strength of spirit and for justice. Let God bless everybody.

Lorette Zoughbi, Bethlehem

Wishes for Gaza

We are children from Bethlehem, West Bank/Palestine. We live near the Nativity Church, the Birthplace of Jesus Christ, and nearby the Milk Grotto Church where the Virgin Mary fed Jesus, the child. During Christmas the people of Bethlehem received wishes and prayers from all parts of the world and we in turn like to pray for you to receive the most precious gift - God's love as proclaimed by the angels to the shepherds of Bethlehem. We love you as He loved us all.

Members of a youth group, Bethlehem.

An international peace activist told us why she wanted to return to Gaza. "It is because of the people of Gaza. It is their spirit, courage, resilience or sumud, kindness, warmth, hospitality, love and resistance to the occupation that pulls me back."

Elias, teacher from Beit Sahour.

Oh Lord, please lift up the weight of suffering that is on the people of Gaza. Give them peace and tranquility and let them taste the meaning of life. Give them strength to stand up for themselves and the ability to take care of their children. God bless us all. Amen

Sylvana Giacaman, Bethlehem

The following prayers and cries of the heart, all about “peace,” are from 11th grade students of the Terra Sancta School in Bethlehem.

  1. 1.As a Palestinian youth student that lives through occupation, talking about "peace" has become way too complicated as a result of Israel's twisted point of view about peace. "Peace" has become a good that Israeli  politics  buy and sell in order to satisfy their hunger for new settlements and lands. In return we are asked to stick to their peace which in fact is surrender. For real peace we should take away the Wall and apply the right actions that provide a fair solution for the Palestinians as well as the Israelis and most of all completely forbid to violate each other’s property.
  2. I am a Palestinian student in Bethlehem city in the 11th grade. I wish and pray that peace is possible. However, up til now Israel doesn’t give us our rights as Palestinians. They don't follow any rules. There are lots of obstacles to peace as: the wall, the Israeli control over Jerusalem, their attempts to change the features of the city to bocome Jewish, the many prisoners in Israeli jails, the refugees, the massacres and illegal practices against Palestinians by the Israeli army, the building of more settlements, the illegal checkpoints. All do not bring peace.  Palestinians want  peace despite all the suffering, but Israelis see peace as something impossible. The Israeli government doesn't accept the Geneva agreements which can give us a lot of our rights. The Israelis don't do anything on the ground to improve the peace process. Still I pray for peace.
  3. In my opinion as a student in Bethlehem at the Terra Sancta High School, I don't think that we will see peace one day. Everyday we see the Separation Wall which surrounds us as a prison. We can't reach the most  holy places in the world such as the  Holy Sepulchre or the Dome of the Rock. I'm seventeen years old and I can't reach most of the cities in Palestine which are just half an hour far but I can reach other places which are far.
  4. Perhaps peace is the most needed thing here in our country, but although it is very important, we don't find it anywhere. Peace is like a goal we can't reach. How can we make peace and live peacefully and safely with the existence of the separation wall and settlements everywhere we go? How can we make peace if they keep dividing us into zones and territories as if we are in a big prison. All of this must be vanished. Then there are the barriers and checkpoints. People can't go anywhere outside without a permission ( that's, if he manages to get a permission). We can't even do simple things in Israel without a permission. As a student who lives in the occupied territory of Bethlehem, what can you say when you can't even reach the sea which is just about 18 kilometers away from the place where I live. All these issues must be fixed and solved –only then I can talk and pray for Peace!!
  5. I think peace is how we live, it's the thing that I depend on. However, the Israelis are using peace against us. They are changing its meaning so that it becomes a slogan with which you can lie and manipulate. They must stop the separation wall that confiscates our personal rights. As a student and Palestinian living in a occupied country is like living in a jail. We  can’t save our life. We can't live it as we want it. That's our destiny, our life.
  6. I pray for a peace with freedom, having the right to do our religious practices, owning the land without scenes of our land being confiscated for building settlements or being separated from the land by the separation wall. I pray that we can live in a peaceful world with the Israelis but they should give back the lands to their owners. They should destroy their settlements and remove the barriers and the checkpoints which insult people who need to move from one place to another. Palestine is the city of olives and the olive branch is the symbol of peace. As a student I wish for peace so as to live in a quiet world without wars.
  7. I cannot think of peace! What peace?! They speak about Palestinian-Israeli peace, but there is nothing of that. People speak about human rights but they are stolen. If they want peace and human rights, they must stop building settlements and demolish the separation wall, remove the checkpoints, because every meter there is one. Finally they must protect the Dome of the Rock and the Holy Sepulcher. In the end, I don't think that there will be peace or something like that.  
  8. Peace!! What a beautiful word. I wish to see peace in our country Palestine, For that they should remove the separation wall and the checkpoints and give us our rights. They even took our earth and country but we only need some of our rights for peace in our life. If the Israelis give us peace, I hope it is with real actions and not only by saying words or slogans.
  9. As a student in the 11th grade, I wish to see a peace that means freedom, to live freely without being afraid for what the Israelis are doing. We can see that the Israelis everyday inflict terrible suffering on the Palestinian people. By making the separation wall, they also try to keep us away from reaching our religious places like the Dome of the Rock and the Holy Sepulcher. I think that peace between Palestinians and Israelis will never come true if the Israelis will continue to commit massacres to our people.  
  10. Peace is everything we need because in our society we want to live a secure life. Bethlehem is an occupied territory; with 300 checkpoints around the West Bank, residents of West Bank can't go to the capital of Palestine (Jerusalem). I want peace, because I want to live my life happily like anyone in the world.
  11. Peace means that everyone should have comfort and safety, and living in a place that is full of peace without fear. As Palestinians we face the violation of our rights and lands by the occupation. Today our religious ceremonies become impossible and we are living in a cage. Do you think that with all this we will have peace in Palestine?
  12. We have always heard about peace and living in a world full of peace, but nowadays peace is just a slogan without any real foundation. Palestinians are not allowed to have their rights. They live under constant pressure and their relationships with the outside world are frozen. When any Palestinian wants to visit his holy land, he sees checkpoints and a separation wall that violates Palestinian rights. As a school student I think that when we want to establish peace, first of all the building of settlements should be stopped and the separation wall removed, so that we do not live in a cruel situation. Then the Palestinian people should receive all its rights.  
  13. As a Palestinian school student I think that I can reach the moon before I will reach peace with the Israelis. How can we have peace with a country that occupied our country. How can we have peace while we live in a prison - the separation wall. Peace is living in freedom without meeting checkpoints in order to reach the nearest town in my country.  
  14. Palestinians feel they are in prison. Everyday we pray with all our might to have a bit of peace in our shaken country. Peace is to live free without checkpoints, separation wall and settlements, without the violation of human rights. Palestinian students feel terrible when they are caged in by these checkpoints. Frankly, as a student in the occupied territory of Bethlehem, I think peace will never come true under the present conditions - but we can dream of it.
  15. Peace - it's a word for peaceful people. I as a student, and not me alone, but all students, want peace. Who doesn't want to live in peace? But here in Bethlehem we want and pray for peace but we will not have it until we have our freedom. But we can't have our freedom as we are occupied by the Israelis. However we'll keep demanding, praying, shouting so that our voice reaches above the separation wall, until we have our freedom. Only then we will live in peace. We won't yield until we have our freedom. Right now we are deprived from our simplest right - moving or going from city to city. We feel like as if we are in one world and every one else, and all other cities live in another world. How can we have freedom and live peacefully if we are deprived from our simplest rights?
  16. Peace is a very beautiful thing. All people want peace but peace is very difficult to be realized. The Palestinian people want peace but we live in a cage, and are surrounded by the Separation Wall.  People’s life is without stability.
  17. Peace is not just a word - it has many deep meanings. We must believe in it, but at the same time we don't think that peace is possible, because we are deprived of  our rights as humans: going to other zones, visiting our relatives, building our future. We live in a big prison, we don't enjoy our life. Day after day peace becomes harder to be found! Living in Bethlehem, I think that  peace is very far, and won't  come  closer.
  18. I am a student who lives in Bethlehem, which is occupied territory surrounded by the Separation Wall but also known as one of the most important and  holy cities in Palestine, the birth place  of Jesus Christ. There isn’t peace in the land of peace because peace  is freedom, and not a separation wall and checkpoints. For example, I can't reach Jerusalem unless I have a permission. If we want to live in peace,  the separation  wall should be removed, massacres should stop and we should have a new and clear relationship with the Israelis.
  19. For 80 years until now, we were promised to have peace. I pray for peace. However, this promise has disappeared since the Israeli soldiers cut the olive branch  and killed the dove of peace.
  20. It is very difficult for me to say what peace means, because I am a Jerusalemite. Other students have never felt it. Everyday I wake up two hours before from my school bell rings, wear my uniform, then go to pass the checkpoint. It takes me an hour and a half just waiting to pass it. Israelis don't want peace. We should demand our rights to have peace.
  21. Peace in my point of view is something we learn from home and parents. Peace should be in the heart, and it should be archived with true love and forgiveness. One day I had a fantasy and I thought, what if people would forget their nationalities, and try to understand each other. I know it is impossible, but I wonder. What if people would forget to fight for land and start to use and invest in it. My belief is not to fight for earth because it is material. I fight for friends, family …… my people and my goal is to love them. If everyone takes this point of view wars would not exist.

الهم أنعم عليهم نعمة النسيان والصبر والصمود والعزاء لينظروا إلى الأمام ولتكن لهم نعم النصير وازرع في قلوبهم المحبة والسلام. آمين
طارق حردان

يا رب... يا رب السموات والأرض أنت القادر على كل شيء أنت تعلم ما في الأرض وما في السموات أنت تعلم بماذا يحصل على الأرض الفلسطينية... الأرض المقدسة التي تحمل الأديان الثلاثة. لماذا يحدث هذا في تلك الأرض لماذا يا رب أن تحمينا وتحمي جميع الشعوب والأروض وأنا أتمنى من كل قلبي أن أكون شهيدا بدلا من هؤلاء الأطفال الذين يستشهدون يوما بعد يوم ساعة وراء ساعة ولا يحدث لتلك الاطفال الأبرياء ذلك الألم الذي نشاهده كل يوم على التلفاز.
We want peace
عبدو الدجاني

نتمنى من الله بكل لغات العالم ان يثبت صمودكم وأقدامكم ويربطها بجذور الزيتون الفلسطيني لتصبح قلاع. يندمس الظلام على اسوارها ويرحم الشهداء ويشفي الجرحى ويرسم الابتسامة على وجوه أطفال غزة من جديد لينبض الحياة في غزة من جديد
محمد ابو صوت

يا رب ساعد أهل غزة واشفي الجرحى وارحم الشهداء وإهدي اسرائيل

مع خفقان قلوبنا الجريحة، زظلمة ليل غزة النار بشظايا قذائف الاحتلال، ربنا ابعث حياة في جرحنا وأنر لنا درب الحرية.

اللهم ارحمنا واجمع شملنا وبسر امرنا وثبت امرنا وانصرنا على عدونا وعلى عاونهم علينا ومن حمل السلاح علينا  او لا تجسسوا ولا تباعضوا وتوفوا عابد الله اخوانا.

نتمنى من الله بكل لغات العالم ان يثبت صمودكم واقدامكم ويربطنها بجذور الزيتون الفلسطيني لتصبح قلاع... يندحس الظلام على اسوارها ويرحم الشهداء ويشفي الجرحى ويرسم الابتسامة على وجوه اطفال غزة من جديد لينبض الحياة في غزة من جديد.
محمد أبو صواي

الموت، والحياة، الحرب، والدماء، انا انادي الالهة، يا رب، يا مسيح، يا محمد يا موسى يا كل الانبياء، اتسمعني!! نحن بحاجة اليك يا الله. طفلة تبحث عن خدمتي بدل بدل قدميها التي بترت. ام تبكي رضيعها الشهيد. رجل عائلته بلا حياة، مسجد، كنيسة بلا مأذنة بلا جرس. مخيم مدينة بلا بيوت. غزة مبللة بدماء اعزاءها تبكي الالهة فينغمر المطر. استشهد السلام لكن رب السلام موجود فلنوقف الحرب فلنوقف الدماء.

يا رب ساعد الناس في مدينة غزة، يا رب ارحم شهادئهم
ميس عياد

داً آل غزة فإن موعدكم الجنة ان شاءالله مني ومن جميع الشباب الاحرار الفائرين على وطنهم في بيت لحمانما من الله العزيز القدير ان يقف معكم ويصبركم في محنتكم ونحن معكم قلباً وقالباً يداً بيد ان ما يفعله المجرمين اليهود من قتل وبطش جائر لهو دليل على ضعف الاحتلال وهزيمتهم. أطالب جميع دول العالم الذين وقعوا اتفاقيات جنيف اين انتم من ما يفعله الاحتلال في غزة
طارق جلال 3/1/2009

يا رب السلام، إفتح عيون المحتل وساعد العائلات الذين قتلوا أطفالهم واخوتهم، وساعد الممرضين والاطباء لكي يساعدوا الجرحى، واحمي جميع الشعوب. آمين
سري حنضل

تمنيات لاهل غزة

  1. اسأل الله أن يهبكم الصبر والسلوان فيما أصابكم.
  2. اطلب من الله أن يعطيكم الجرأة والشجاعة في مواجهة الظروف التي تحيط بكم.
  3. لا تيأسوا من رحمة الله فالحلول قادمة باذنه.
  4. طلابي وطالباتي: اتمنى لكم النجاح والتوفيق في دروسكم.
  5. جدوا واجتهدوا فعلمنا هو سلاحنا الوحيد.
  6. أخواتي الحبيبات: اسأل الله أن يعطيكن الحكمة والمعرفة في معالجة مشاكلكن.

(members of AEI’s women’s group)

اطلب من الله الغفور الرحيم أن يهب لشعبنا في غزة القوة اللازمة للصمود في أصعب الأوقات، وأن يعطيهم الصبر وهدوء البال. أيها الآب السماوي، لا تنسى شعبنا في غزة وهب لهم حنانك وعطفك حتى يزول الاحتلال للأبد انشاءالله. أمين
Jenny Baboun

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