Holy Places In Palestine

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Holy Places are of special importance to the Palestinian Christian identity. Palestinian Christians consider themselves to be the “Living Stones,” the guardians of the Holy Places. However, despite this many Palestinian Christians are not fully aware of the local, ancient roots of Palestinian Christianity in the land of Palestine. Becoming more aware of this will strengthen their sense of roots and identity as a religious community, and prevents their alienation from the land which in the past actually supported their emigration.

Moreover, raising awareness of the Holy Places among Palestinian Christian youth makes it also more possible that they become involved in the future in presenting those places to local and international visitors, who in this way become more aware of the Palestinian Christian community and their roots.


40 mainly Christian students from the Bethlehem area,

  • made photos during 5 fieldtrips to Holy Palces,
  • wrote brief stories or impressions related to the photos chosen,
  • made 2 photo exhibits(indoor-outdoor), including a selection of 40 of the best photos.
  • And made a digital photo exhibit for the website of AEI.

(See photos)

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