Director’s word: Simple Words

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March is the busiest month in our calendar for its many human, religious, social, environmental and national occasions: International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Spring’s Day, Al Karameh Day, the Annunciation Feast, Land Day. We have to reflect upon the meanings of these occasions -  and also of Lent. which is in the same period. All these occasions are basically about love and connection.

As we prepare ourselves for Easter during the season of Lent, God invited us to renew our spiritual life by loving, giving and forgiving. Fasting is to say no to the physical desires of the body, to keep praying and hoping, to have the will to love and forgive, to take care of the other who is in need, to love the nature and the land, and to respect and accept the other who is different. With a Middle East and an Arab world in turmoil, and Palestine under harsh occupation, there are too few people speaking out and advocating these basic values.

Fasting or sacrificing without love is no real fasting, no real struggle. To give love is our role in this world. As parents, as mothers, we need to raise our children how to look at the other and to respect him or her even if he or she is different. Moreover, we need to educate our children how to love nature and to keep it safe, how to love the land and not to emigrate and how to stay connected to our motherland, as mothers.

Simple words. Let’s never forget about the basics.

Rania Murra

Director AEI-Open Windows


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