Cartoon animation workshop: The March to Freedom and Peace

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In June, during the summer workshops, AEI organized two animation cartoon workshops at the Greek-Catholic School in Beit Sahour. AEI’s own teenager members and students from the school joined. In the next newsletter, when the final cartoons are out, we will give you the link to the cartoons. But here is first a taste of one of the story lines.

It’s summer holiday. Kids sit around in the center of town. They dream of all the things they could do if they would be free. Suddenly, some hear magical music coming from far away. They stand up and follow the music and meet an old guy who carries musical instruments. All the kids join an emerging flash mob. The mob starts in the city and continues its way to the Wall. Music notes – in a cloud – emerge above the kids and join the movement to the Wall and checkpoint. A rain of music falls on the soldiers there. The soldiers are transformed into kids and their weapons into magical music instruments. The cloud of music notes lands on top of the Wall and the checkpoint area. A rain of music crumbles the Wall. The cloud comes down, a fog accrues and lifts the children up. The cloud carries the Palestinian children up to Jerusalem. In the cloud’s back emerges the Palestinian flag. The rain of music notes spreads out and falls on the world, clearing the way to freedom and peace.

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