Expansion of ‘Wall Museum’ towards Aida camp

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On the west side of the Rachel’s Tomb area, hemmed in between the Aida refugee camp and the Wall, is a desolate area with closed garages and abandoned houses. This is the area where a new section of the Museum has recently been developed. The ‘Museum’ here is characterized by a playful, subversive approach. It shows images of challenging occupation and calling for freedom, as seen from the perspective of Palestinian youth and children:

  •  In contrast to the Wall which takes away vistas, the museum frees up perspectives, showing mock openings in the Wall.
  • Some posters are fantasies of freedom: hanging on a balloon, a girl who wants her ball back. Posters visualize the breaking up or collapse of the Wall.
  • The permit system for Palestinians is mocked and denounced. The posters explore meanings and dimensions of Palestinian imprisonment.
  • Who defines the terms, wins the debate. Brief phrases attached to military checkpoint panels left in a nearby field, communicate stereotypical clichés of Palestinians and Israel. The stereotypes are subverted by the very fact that they are attached to abandoned military objects.
  • As an antidote, the ‘Museum’ shows poetry of the national Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish.

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