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AEI and Palestine Link

The Dutch-Palestinian organization Palestine Link is committed to support gender-sensitive perspectives in and on Palestine. It conducts and shares non-violent campaigns challenging the Wall, and organizes Dutch expert missions as well as visitor groups who want to learn about the Palestinian social and political situation.

The project of AEI and Palestine Link involves women at AEI’s Sumud Story House (SSH) in northern Bethlehem. SSH presently hosts 5 women groups (60 women) who come together on weekly base. Located close to the Wall around Rachel’s Tomb, SSH is a suitable place to explain local and international visitors the impact of the Wall.

Initially the Sumud Story House brought together Palestinian women and raised awareness among them for the purpose of confidence- and leadership building and the collection and communication of daily life stories. In fact, many women of SSH have their stories on large posters on the nearby Wall, showing examples of resilience and detailing the consequences of the lack of freedom of movement for them personally as well as the families in which they play central roles.

SSH has now reached the stage that more women have the capacity to become spokespersons towards visiting groups of pilgrims and tourists. In its 7th year of existence, SSH is therefore now positioned to host a Wall Information Center staffed by volunteers who by guiding and informing visitors will be empowered to conduct advocacy on issues related to the Wall and its illegality.

The project will also link up SSH’s women groups and AEI’s youth groups. Youth and women together create a link of intergenerational inclusion that will deepen the project’s impact on local communities.

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