AEI’s Word: The Wall against Peace and Justice

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While European countries put up new Walls – physical or otherwise – trying to stem the flow of refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere, here in Palestine people are struggling against different Walls. Walls against a just peace, as well as concrete walls from behind which soldiers come and shoot at demonstrators.

This week a 13-year old boy, Abed Obeidallah, from Aida refugee camp was shot dead by the Israeli army during demonstrations. The situation easily inflames in Jerusalem as well as in the West Bank due to an occupation which further entrenches itself, with a settler population increasingly making life more difficult for Palestinians who are left unprotected.

The recent World Week for Peace, convened by the World Council of Churches, protested the so-called Separation (better: Apartheid) Wall under the banner “God has broken down the dividing walls” (WALLWILLFALL#).

On September 19, the Week was launched in Bir ‘Ona, the neighborhood of the city of Beit Jala whose inhabitants are threatened to be evicted due to Wall building.

In an open air service in front of the inaccessible land, church leaders raised their voice in support of the inhabitants of Bir ‘Ona and the nearby Cremisan Monastery. This newsletter includes photos and a blog about the services at Bir ‘Ona.

There are also photos about the extension of the “Wall Museum,” with some 70 smaller and larger posters attached to the Wall near ‘Aida refugee camp where Abed Obeidallah died.

To strengthen the protest against the Wall, AEI teams up with Dutch-Palestinian organization Palestine Link to set up a new Wall Information Center in Bethlehem in the coming months.

The nonviolent struggle against the Wall continues. Please stay in contact when you would like to know more or want to visit us.

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