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As the saying goes, photos can speak more than a thousand words. Look at this photo from Ma'an news agency in Bethlehem. It shows a 17-year old Palestinian boy, Naim Safi, killed Sunday 14/2/2016 at a checkpoint east of Bethlehem after he apparently - according to the Israeli army - tried to stab a soldier. The boy's body lies uncovered on the street, the soldier talking, looking the other way. A vignette of what occupation means.

Next year Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East-Jerusalem will have lasted 50 years. That’s about a lifetime. Generations have grown up getting familiar with soldiers, permits, land confiscations, closures, walls and killings. That’s no life.


Therefore: Support a free and democratic Palestine. Support AEI’s youth and women groups coming together, thinking and feeling, doing advocacy against Israel’s wall regime. They are among the Palestinians who try to be human and find a way out of the dark, seemingly endless tunnel of occupation.


Arab Educational Institute