Humans of Palestine

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Roger Salameh, AEI youth coordinator


 This is the first in a new interview series for the AEI newsletter about the different projects and activities in which AEI staff are involved. The Humans of Palestine Facebook page and website receive many hundreds of visitors each week.

How did the project start?


The project was launched in summer 2014 by a group of Palestinians and international volunteers at AEI. Some American volunteers introduced the idea through a workshop showing the initiative “Humans of New York” and the idea of its founder to show photos of people in New York City and to add shorter or longer quotes from those people. We saw a point presentation and participated in practical workshops about camera use. The volunteers asked us to go outside the office and take some shots.  We began collecting short quotes with photos of one or more Palestinians. Some Irish volunteers at AEI collected materials in Bethlehem and the West Bank. One of them designed a website for Humans of Palestine. So we could post the collected materials on the website and on a new Humans of Palestine Facebook page.


 What are the aims of the project?


Through the website and FB page we want to give ordinary Palestinians the opportunity to express their voices and thoughts, and stories and testimonies of personal experiences in all areas of human life. On the receivers’ end, we provide a window for local and internationals to read, share, and learn about these stories which explore Palestinian daily life, and bring out  the Palestinian cause, culture, and traditions.


How many entries do you have until now, and who created them?


We have over 200 entries and we are looking for more. Local, international volunteers, members of AEI, both youth and women, and visitors worked on collecting these materials.

Do you get reactions, and what kind?


Yes, we receive positive reactions of people expressing solidarity and admiration. Many are happy that we are posting these human stories. People are enthusiastic to share, tag  and comment on the stories. The Humans of Palestine initiative grows and proves a successful method of connecting people.


 What should people do if they want to contribute?


They can promote the HoP through the social media they use, including media which we are not yet using like Instagram. Please share posts with friends in order to reach out to more people, both locals and internationals. Of course it is greatly appreciated when people make, collect and send materials. And we are open to any expert advise about better web techniques.


 How can people follow the project when they do not have a FB account?


The easiest way is to go to the website of HoP:


Hopefully we will have in the future Instagram or Twitter accounts for those not using FB.

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