Wishing the Wall Away

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A volunteer’s experience

I spent the last four months as a volunteer in Bethlehem. It has been one of the best experiences in my life. Being part of AEI is an interesting and stimulating experience, in which new ideas are welcomed. I worked mainly with youth groups and on the Wall Museum. It was great to carry out projects from the very first design to their realization!

That happened with what we called the ‘wishing wall’. Its goal is to reclaim people's voices and challenge the wall. The idea emerged after brainstorming with another (German) volunteer, Hanna. During the month of April we followed all the steps towards realization: collecting wishes from Pax Christi UK and also from the AEI youth groups, choosing a lay-out, printing the wishes together with boxes in which new wishes can be dropped.

Finally, we took the youth to the wall and glued all of the materials to create a ’wishing wall’. It was a nice activity that all enjoyed. It makes the Wall Museum lively and interactive and thus stronger. Seeing the youth’s enthousiasm makes me hope that this project will work out in the future. I hope we will have more and more wishes to strengthen our will to tear down this wall!

Juliette, volunteer at AEI                        

                                                            « A shared dream has the power to get real »
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