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Here you find articles which give an impression of our work.

Rania Murra and Toine van Teeffelen, The Wall Museum: Palestinian Stories on the Wall in Bethlehem, Jerusalem Quarterly (2013) 55.

Alexandra Rijke and Toine van Teeffelen, To Exist is To Resist: Sumud, Heroism and the Everyday, Jerusalem Quarterly (2014) 59.
(This is an article not written by AEI, but its insights have been used by AEI)

Toine van Teeffelen, The Women of Artas: Solidarity in the Face of the Coronavirus Crisis, Catholic Universe, 10 July 2020, see


Palestinian Education in Times of Corona 2020, see here.

About the Wall Museum:

The Wall Cannot Stop Our Stories

German Translation: Die Mauer kann unsere Geschichten nicht aufhalten

About the Gaza marches 2018:

Marches against Slavery

Märsche gegen die Sklaverei

About the permit system in the occupied West Bank, a report developed by AEI in 2015: