Mission AEI-Pax Christi

Mission AEI-Pax Christi: Supporting Palestinian Sumud

AEI is dedicated to educate Palestinian women and youth in conducting integrated advocacy on gender equality, human rights, community building and a just peace.

AEI’s long term vision is that Palestinians, through their sumud [steadfastness], will actively and publicly participate in a free, peaceful and democratic Palestine that restores the basic rights of Palestinians including those of refugees. The rule of law and civic rights will be fully respected, including women and youth rights, the rights of religious communities, cultural rights and environmental rights.

AEI has different sources of inspiration. They include the papal encyclical Laudato Si’ and its important concepts of ‘common home’ and “ecological conversion” which dates from 2015; the declaration “Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together,” signed in 2019 in Abu Dhabi by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmad al-Tayyeb, as well as the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative initiated by Pax Christi in 2019.