AEI has issued over the years more than 30 publications in a series called ‘Culture and Palestine’. Among these publications are the following:


Sumud Stories of Palestine

2023 The Sumud Reader: Interviews and Articles from the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem. Culture and Palestine Series, Bethlehem.


2020 Never Give Up and Never Stop Caring: Sumud Advocacy by Palestinian Youths. Culture and Palestine Series, Bethlehem.


2013 “Let Me Tell You My Story: Women’s rights stories from four communities in the Bethlehem district.” Culture and Palestine, Bethlehem.


2012 The “Wall Museum” in Bethlehem. Culture and Palestine series. [Testimonies of Sumud: Stories on the Wall in Bethlehem}


2011 Only in Heaven are there no Checkpoints: The Retold Diary of Yara, a Child from Bethlehem, 64 pp. Published in the Culture and Palestine Series, Bethlehem. Diary of daughter Yara during her childhood, composed by author.


2011 Toine van Teeffelen, Victoria C. Biggs and Sumud Story House, Sumud: Soul of the Palestinian People, 136 pp. Published in the Culture and Palestine Series, Bethlehem.


2007 Toine van Teeffelen (ed), Challenging the Wall: Toward a Pedagogy of Hope. Culture and Palestine series, Arab Educational Institute, Bethlehem.


2000 Bethlehem Community Book. Published in the “Culture and Palestine” Series, Arab Educational Institute-Open Windows, Bethlehem, 160 pp.


Teacher manuals, educational compilations and reports

2020 Citizenship and Diversity: Christian-Moslem Living Together in Palestine: A Documentation of Methods and Methodological Approaches. AEI, Bethlehem. 


2016 Hand in Hand: Moslem-Christian encounters in Palestinian daily life. Culture and Palestine Series, Bethlehem. A compilation of school student stories.


2014 Read, Reflect, Communicate and Act: a Teacher Manual. Culture and Palestine Series, Bethlehem. Desciption of a methodology developed at the Arab Educational Institute.


2012 Moral Dilemmas in Palestinian Religious Education. (In Arabic) Published in the Culture and Palestine Series, Bethlehem.


2008 Sharing Stories: Computer-mediated Exchanges with Palestinian Youth. Arab Educational Institute and IKV Pax Christi (Bethlehem, Utrecht/Netherlands), 3 manuals (educational background, teacher, student), Culture and Palestine series, Bethlehem.


2005 Another Way. Educational materials for non-violence in Palestine. Published by the Arab Educational Institute-Open Windows, Bethlehem.


2001 Your Stories Are My Stories: A Palestinian Oral History Project : 142 pp. (English). Published by Terra Sancta/St Joseph School for Girls, Bethlehem; Wi’am Conflict Resolution Center, and the Arab Educational Institute, Bethlehem. Contains oral histories written by students of 16-17 years at St Joseph School in Bethlehem.


2000 Moral Stories from Palestine: Discover Cultural Wisdom through Stories. (In English and Arabic, with teacher manual in Arabic). Brochure published in the “Culture and Palestine Series,” Arab Educational Institute, Bethlehem.