Youth Program

The Youth Media House is relocated from Madbasseh Street to become a neighbor to AEI’s Sumud Story House in North-Bethlehem. Several Palestinian youth groups from different age levels are encouraged to communicate Palestine and its environment to local and international audiences , in various creative ways, including wall posters, debating and music.

Music: An artistic project at YMH is the professional development of the Palestinian teenager music group Sawa in Bethlehem, Palestine. The aim is to engage youth in educational activities outside school so as give them experience in life skills and raising their voices through music.

At the beginning of 2016 AEI started the training of the music band with 10 members who all had a background in music, and were chosen for their talents in music and singing. The team consists of 5 male and 5 female, Moslems and Christians, the members coming from Bethlehem as well as the surrounding villages and camps.


Until now the group had 7 performances in the West Bank: 2 performances at AEI Christmas celebrations, an end-of-year performance for AEI’s kids and their families, a special performance along the Wall, one during a fieldtrip with school classes in the Nablous region, a performance during AEI’s 2017 summer activities, and one at a meeting in front of the Wall to commemorate 50 years of occupation (June 2017). In all cases 3-4 songs were performed. The group also participated in an EU sponsored music camp in Germany, July 2017.


This project was supported by Children Stamps (Netherlands).




An upcoming activity in October 2017 is a debating society for youth:
– learn how to argue
– learn how to speak in front of a crowd of people


Debates will be held both in Arabic and English.
A German volunteer (through Pax Christi Stuttgart) and AEI’s staff will coordinate the society.




Fadi Abu Akleh