Youth and Children

In Bethlehem, AEI activates Palestinian youth and children groups, also at the Sumud Story House. Besides reflecting upon issues such as faith, the groups are involved in communicating Palestine and its environment to local and international audiences. They do so in various creative ways, such as through wall posters, debate, and music. During the summer, the youth groups take part in intensive training in the context of a summer program and perform at the annual Sumud Festival.

With the support of British aid organization CAFOD and the EU Peace Initiative (EUPI), AEI has worked on a three-year project aimed at developing youth campaigns in the southern West Bank to promote sumud and peace, see

The youths at the Sumud Story House link up with youths in the countryside of the Bethlehem and Hebron areas, including downtown Hebron and Dura. They also join international programs made possible through UNOY (United Network Of Young Peacebuilders).