Dutch Teachers’ Delegation Visit

The Arab Educational Institute – member organization of Pax Christ /Bethlehem received an educational delegation of Dutch teachers, and school principals. On the first day of the visit, the Sumud Story House welcomed the visitors. Mrs. Claudette Mubarak and Mr. Roger Salameh introduced the institute, its projects and activities in the presence of the women’s group who narrated their stories of sumud and their daily life of the Palestinians under the difficult political, economic and social circumstances. After that, AEI team opened the space to pose questions. At the end of the first day, the Bethlehem Sumud Choir sang some Palestinian songs about justice, peace, and heritage. They also danced with the visitors as part of highlighting the Palestinian folklore. Number of the women’s group hosted the delegation to stay in their homes as a way of getting to know our conditions, customs, sumud and our desire for freedom, justice and peace.
On the second day of the visit, the delegation visited two schools: Greek Catholic school and the Greek Orthodox Shepherds School in Beit Sahour. The delegation met the school principals who welcomed the visitors and gave an introduction about their schools mission, vision and difficulties. Dutch teachers also visited some classrooms in schools in order to learn about the educational system in Palestine as part of an educational experiences exchange. After that, the visitors, made a general assessment and discussion of their experiences in the schools, accompanied with some of the school teachers and principals. Some Palestinian teachers suggested to have cultural and educational exchange between the Netherlands and Palestine. At the end of the day, AEI shared traditional Palestinian lunch with the delegation in an atmosphere of human brotherhood and constructive dialogue on the path to building bridges of better understanding.