The Arab Educational Institute Organize an Educational Trip

The Arab Educational Institute organized an educational trip for the Ramallah public and private schools network, for a delegation of administrators and employees from the Directorate of Education – Ramallah, as well as the teachers participating in the program entitled: “Citizenship and diversity: Christian / Muslim Living Together in Palestine” participated.

The trip included a walking path from the village of Al Walajeh to the town of Battir. The participants enjoyed the beautiful nature of this land from flowers and trees, in addition to the touristic attractions in those areas. At the end of the path, the participants visited Battir School for Boys in order to learn about the local history of this town, the educational environment there, and to build relationships.

After that, they went to the AEI Sumud Story House (SSH). They were received by the Co-President Mr. Fuad Giacaman and the Coordinator of SSH, Mrs. Claudette Mubarak. During this visit, a brief presentation was given about the AEI’s projects, activities, history of the Sumud Story House, and the Wall Museum by Mr. Roger Salameh – AEI Youth Program Coordinator. Then, an annual evaluation session took place in which questionnaires for the program were answered by the participants.

At the end of the meeting, everyone shared the Palestinian popular meal (Musakhan) in an atmosphere of love, brotherhood, and living together. Then everyone headed to the downtown of Bethlehem, where they visited the Nativity Church, the Mosque of Omar, and had a tour around the old city of Bethlehem.