Feedback: Advocacy

Quotes from participants

“I am wholeheartedly satisfied with what I learnt but I need more depth in the learning sessions about advocacy and sumud.”

“I agree with my trainer about the need to have more time to deepen my understanding of UN resolution 2250. I suggest to include it in our social studies lesson.”

“A very good chance for me to learn new methods, especially RRCA (Read, Reflect, Communicate and Act) and thinking critically in general. Thanks.“

“I am fed up of learning and memorizing by heart in class. Now, in this project, there is something new and creative. How to raise our voices and express ourselves freely and without fear of tests and marks.”

“When I listened to my classmate’s story about ‘Forgiveness and Reconciliation’, I felt very happy. I felt an inner calmness and comfort entering my heart and mind. This is really what we as youths need in order to achieve peace in our country.”

“When I and my fellow Christian and Moslem students from different village and towns came together we thought the project was about normalization. However, after the training workshops, this negative image changed. I feel happy learning such important things. I learn better than in normal classes.”

“When we participated in preparing the advocacy action about the UNRWA cuts, we became really proud of ourselves as leaders talking to other, older leaders.”

“Touchy and interesting.”

“I’m going to read more.”

“Your training has helped me reflect more.”

“You have encouraged me and my friend.”

“God bless you – go on.”

“I have started to change my behavior.”

“We are on the long path to peace and harmony.”

“I learnt a lot – thank you.”

“Non-violence, dialogue and communication are great.”

“I’m on the way to make a difference in my life.”

“Your interesting and friendly methods are inspiring learnt a lot about trust, love, justice and peace through stories.”

“The values I acquired will change all violent persons.”

“Thank you for giving me this great chance to learn more outside my classroom.”

“Very deep knowledge about sumud and advocacy.”

“Too many new ways of teaching, please come and teach us in our classes.”

“Thank you Ministry of Education to give the space to AEI to work and train here.”

“Sharing such live testimonies are wonderful .”

“Your stories and live testimonies show me some light in my life.”

“The wall in front my school hasn’t made me thoughtful. Now I come to think how to challenge it peacefully.”

“When I, my classmates, teachers and trainers planted together our school gardens, I understood better how sumud should be.”

“Love of God, love of our people and love of our lands are great ways. I have learnt and began to practice now.”

“When I and my friends began to prepare for the campaign we became more aware about the Christians: feasts, singing and traditions.”

“Through this project we have been more aware of God’s love, not just for me but also for all the believers.”

“The session about the human international law inspired me how to advocate for our rights as people.”

“Keep going come with more of these projects. They help me to have more cleanliness in heart and mind.”

“My trainers have touched me with his quote, ‘A world of friends is a world of peace.’”

“I appreciate a lot the involvement, dedication and support of my directors. They contributed to the success.”

“Violence will create more violence; love and openness will create love and peace.”

“You gave us the chance to think and reflect and act. Your R.R.C.A (Read, Reflect, Communicate and Act) method is great.”

“You inspired me to become like you, peace builders.”

“Great leaders, you talked about Mandella, Gandi, ‘Omar [al-Khattab] and Jesus inspired me.”

“The human values of respect, love, honesty are very touchy.”

“The ice-breaking activities helped us to be more interested in the project.”

“I have started to work in a team and appreciate group work.”

“The whole school has been informed and involved in the advocacy campaign.”

“I have learnt how to reduce my prejudgments about the other, especially the Christians.”

“You added a lot to our national commitment to land and rights.”

“This project is a wonderful way of resistance against occupation.”

“As a boy I have begun to be more open and respectful towards girls.”

“My parents observed my change in thinking and conduct. Thanks…”

“When I and my classmates started collecting rubbish in the street of my village we learnt a lot about environment.”

“Our involvement in the interview with the mayor of our village council was a great experience.”

“How much I feel confident when I and my friends invited a leader from the Ministry of Agriculture.”

“The head of our village council, Abu Ubeida said, “I promise you that your problem will be solved in July.”

“I was very glad to stand in front of more than 150 persons in the advocacy action performance to present the project.”

“The training course has created the atmosphere for more change, hope and sumud for us as young people.”

“Success in life depends on support and encouragement, you gave it to me and my friend.“

“An extraordinary and amazing experience full of joy. Thanks…”

“Let the friends and those who have opposed the project, come and see our progress.”

“We love AEI and the trainers.”

“You are good model leaders. We will follow you.”

“Life skills and sharing experiences helped me to relax and be quiet.”

“The batteries of sumud are wonderful, new, creative and very enjoying for me. They help to learn about sumud, faith and just peace.”

“The responses and promises of the local society to our campaigns about cleanliness, garbage and environment were great and supportive.”

“Many used to speak about hopelessness and despair but these advocacy initiatives by EU and CAFOD and supported by the local society revived our hope for prosperity and human security. Especially important for youth are the paths to justice, freedom and peace.”

“I was happy and my classmates when we were honored for our work, participation and painting. These certificates and gifts we appreciate.”

“I showed my presentation skills in front of all when reading in English. I also enjoyed the audience clapping.”

“Our group work in composing the drama sketches on cleanliness was enjoyable.”

“The song I heard about environment was very touchy to me as a parent.”

“In the Lutheran school the advocacy campaign was under the Auspices of his grace Bishop Sany Ibrahim Azar. This is to me as a Christian an honor and shows the support and encouragement of our church to such a vital project. This is a noble mission which we all share.”

“I have enjoyed the conflict stories very much because they taught me some moral lessons such as modesty, tolerance and how to be peaceful.”

“Our trainers were amazing in narrating conflict life stories which ended with hope.”

“The sumud stories narrated by the guest speakers gave me a lesson not to give up.”

“The story about eye contact helped me to learn better how to communicate nonviolently.”

“A quarrel ended by reconciliation as narrated by an old man showed me how to resolve problems.”

“The old man and his 3 sons and the bundle of sticks motivated me and my classmates how to be united.”

“’Unity is strength’ is a very informative quote. I will work according to it.”

“The game of respect the AEI, Rania, Rojer and my teachers taught us, is an interesting tool of learning.”

“I believe we all as youth need more time and training to grasp everything we learnt.”

“In spite of our conflicts with occupation, we still enjoy life at our families and schools through such a project.”

“I’m happy but sad to talk about our family conflicts caused by occupation. However, the non-violent communication tools have taught me how to dialogue effectively to solve the problems.”

“Listening and hearing skills are now understood better by me after the sessions.”

“Joining this project helped me to acquire more knowledge and better understanding about inner conflict, inner peace, external conflict and external peace and how to act better.”

“I was very shy when I joined the project. Now, I feel better and strong to communicate with courage and self-confidence.”

“He inspired me a lot when he gave us a presentation on ‘respect’ of God, oneself, one another, our private and public properties and our land.”

“When my parents quarrel at home about how to raise my 2 little boys, I started to interfere and apply some non-violent ways of conflict resolution.“

“You put me on the right track for being more serving, loving and peaceful.”

“Please, please, please more stories. Your insistence on writing stories motivated me.”

“The village people has started our campaign. Thanks.”

“I thought you are foreigners and Christians coming to convert me but I discovered I was wrong.”

“Your presence and of our dear school principals have inspired us. “

Quotes from participants about what they learned from the simulation game:

“Some rights can’t be “giants” unless we raise our voices and ask for them.”

“Thinking about the problem, looking for solutions and alternatives, thinking about options, choosing the best and appropriate solution.”

“Promote self-confidence and know how to address a person and how to deal with situations.”

“How to address our problem to stakeholders and decision makers.”

“How to work as a Team.”

“Brainstorming, making us aware of our needs, and where to go to get our demands.”

“How to accomplish a set of activities at the same time, with minimal effort and high efficiency.”

“We learned how to do an advocacy campaign.”

“It supports our motivation, creative thinking and analytic skills.”

“We should always defend our rights.”

“It summarizes the societal, political and economic reality.”

“It summarize the project idea.”

“We get to know other communities’ problems and their advocacy campaigns.”

“It is an interesting game.”

“It helps us to remember our work in this project and the phases we passed by. “

The fieldtrips created a positive atmosphere of engagement, see the following quotes:

“I enjoyed the visit to the Peace Park a lot.”

“I developed friendships during the stay at the Friendship (Sadaka) Park where I met new people from other communities.”

“I learnt and enjoyed very much the stories I heard from my colleagues.”

“To me, the Safa Park in Beit Khalil in South Hebron showed a fascinating and beautiful scenery of my beloved Palestine.”

“I became more aware of what to prepare as a youth leader in the coming conference.”

“I felt closer to my land and this trip helped to strengthen my love and sumud.”

“I realized the importance of our role in society as women in solving issues or demanding for our rights.”

“The participation in this project was wonderful and fruitful.”

“This project helped me to develop my personality. I got out of my shyness and started expressing my opinions and raising my voice to put pressure on decision makers.”

“We are still following up and seeking to fulfil our demands and solve our problems – until the present time.”

“From this project, I learned how to initiate an advocacy action and the importance of raising our voices.”

“We have learned the importance of communicating with stakeholders and decision makers to achieve our demands and how to dialogue with them.”

“I applied what I learned from the project on my personal level. I became a leader in the house and I started asking for my rights as a woman from my family members.”

“I talked about my experience in this project for all my relatives and neighbours, and they wished they were part of this project.”

“I learned the importance of teamwork in life, especially when dealing with an issue or achieving a specific goal.”