First Visiting Group Since Start of COVID-19

The Arab Educational Institute – a member organization of the International Catholic Peace Movement (Pax Christi) welcomed the first visiting group from Austria on Saturday, 23 October 2021, after an absence of about a year and a half following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Mr. Roger Salameh, Youth and Children Groups Coordinator, welcomed the group as they reached Bethlehem and accompanied them on a tour to Azzeh and Aida refugee camps, and visited the AEI Wall Museum.

Mrs. Rania Murra, AEI Director, and Mrs. Claudette Mubarak, Wall Information Center Coordinator, welcomed them at the Sumud Story House and introduced the institute and its fields of work.

Some members of the Bethlehem Sumud Choir attended the meeting and shared their stories of suffering, steadfastness in the face of the occupation, and the difficult living conditions we are living in.

They also sang some traditional and national Palestinian songs and danced with the visitors as part of the Palestinian folklore. Following the meeting, everyone enjoyed a traditional Palestinian meal.