AEI Annual Celebration in Ramallah

The Arab Educational Institute / Bethlehem held its annual celebration on the occasions of Christmas, the Birthday of Prophet Mohammad, the Palestinian Teacher’s Day and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The event was attended by the government and private schools network in Ramallah in the frame of the program entitled, “Citizenship and Diversity: Christian / Muslim Living Together in Palestine”.

Mr. Bassem Erekat – Ministry of Education Office and Mrs. Hania Nazzal – Director of the Technical Department attended the celebration. Also, a representative from the Ministry of Education in Birzeit, the supervisors, administrations, and school teachers were present.

Three AEI staff were involved namely: Mr. Fuad Giacaman, Mrs. Rania Murra and Mr. Roger Salameh. The meeting included some welcoming and congratulatory words, a recitation of the birth story of Jesus from the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an. Readings wishes and prayers from foreigners who are in solidarity with our people were read. The celebration ended up with our annual traditional food in an atmosphere of human brotherhood and living together.