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We invite you to sponsor a large poster with a human Palestinian story to be attached on the Wall in Bethlehem.  Already 270 posters bring out the stories of Palestinian life and challenge the restrictions under occupation. This “Wall Museum” will be expanded and will present many new Palestinian voices to the world.

here you find out Wall Museum Gallery

The “Wall Museum”

Since two years AEI puts large posters (2 by 1 meter) on the 9-meter high Wall surrounding the Tomb of Rachel in North Bethlehem. Each of the now almost 100 posters, with thin metal underground,  displays a brief English-language story-from-life of a Palestinian. The story is about the problems as a result of the Wall and many other restrictions, but also about Palestinian sumud, steadfastness or resilience. You are invited to help giving Palestinians a voice and sponsor new posters by (the equivalent of) 100 Euro or 125 US dollar, including the costs of design, printing and fixing. The posters are adjacent to each other on the Wall and together form a gradually expanding “Wall Museum.”  The donors’ names are mentioned on the posters, except when this is not preferred. Visitors of Bethlehem are encouraged to walk along the museum. AEI’s website will give an overview of all posters.

Would you like to join this initiative or to know more, please contact the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem,  info@aeicenter.org

For a review of the posters:


Arab Educational Institute, www.aeicenter.org, Bethlehem, 02-2744030

For financial contributions to AEI, please use the bank account of the Friends of Young Bethlehem, AEI’s sister organization in the Netherlands, as mentioned on this page: