Women’s Group Celebrating Mother’s Day

Strong, courageous, persevering, capable, steadfast… This is how the SSH women expressed their feelings and the way they look to themselves on their celebration of the Mother’s Day.

The meeting focused on the role of the women, the mother and the children raiser and the importance of taking care of themselves and their self-esteem to continue life. The women also expressed their great appreciation to the sacrifices of female martyrs, national activists, mothers of martyrs and prisoners and all women’s rights’ activists.

Mrs. Sandrine – Psychology Al Yawm Institute Director – in cooperation with Mrs. Rania Murra – AEI Director, participated in this unique day by doing psychological activities for the women.  These activities aimed at getting rid of their negative feelings and enhancing their positive feelings and self-esteem.

Some of the women also prepared one of the traditional Palestinian meals, “Rekak and lentils – Rashtaya”, as part of the celebration together and reviving of the Palestinian heritage.

Each woman contributed to bring one of the meal ingredients and other foods and sweets as a fraternal initiative on the occasion of the Christian and Islamic fasting.