Women’s Group Meeting Discuss “Tolerance”

Tolerance sets you free “Tolerance helps you get out of the prison you put yourself in.” This is how the Sumud Story House women’s group began their weekly meeting using the AEI (RRCA) educational method.

Ms. Rania Murra, AEI Director, discussed with the women how to deal with the problems in our lives and the importance of maintaining our inner peace through reconciliation and tolerance with ourselves and others.

The following quote was presented: “Forgive for yourself, because tolerance helps you to get out of the prison you put yourself in” in order to reflect on it, discuss it and try to apply it practically.

Some of the women shared their experiences and stories about tolerance and expressed their feelings when they decided to forgive others. At the end of the meeting, a small activity was done with the women in order to express themselves and bring out their negative energy.