An Online Prayer Service for Justice and Peace in the Holy Land

An Online Prayer Service for the Holy Land was organized by Pax Christi International on Wednesday 29th of June 2022 at 5:00pm Bethlehem / Palestinian time. The AEI – Pax Christi participated in this prayer / service. Some young, women, parents and staff of the AEI listened and watched the prayers, religious songs, presentations, photos and stories of peacebuilders and advocates for justice, peace and nonviolent Christian organization s including our AEI / Pax Christi / Bethlehem. Our participants shared the prayers, reflections, and the vow or promise of the Catholic Nonviolence initiative which becomes part of AEI commitment and work.

After the one hour service the AEI participants thanked God, the International and local members for this online prayer encounter in solidarity with our people who are working for justice, freedom, equality and peace in the Holy Land.