Essen Germany meets Bethlehem / Palestine in an Online Seminar

The AEI – Pax Christi International with Pax Christi diocese of Essen / Germany met in an online seminar entitled, “Building Bridges, Connecting People: Eseen meets Bethlehem”

The online seminar was held on the 13th of June 2022. The seminar was attended by some members of the AEI / Sumud Story House headed by the Director Mrs. Rania Murra and the Essen group was headed by Gabriele Wuffers. After the introduction and the welcoming by Gabriele. Rania Murra gave a presentation about AEI work.

Members of the AEI women’s group talked about the AEI way of looking at the commitment especially through their live testimonies and the meaning of AEI to them.

After the presentations, a constructive and open dialogue began about the living conditions in Bethlehem under the present difficult circumstances.

The questions and answers during the conversations focused on the daily life, political, economic, social and health conditions, Sumud, hope, justice and peace were the main aspirations that participants highlighted during this online encounter. Looking forward for more such rich, encouraging and inspiring meetings.