Message of the Resurrection Feast – AEI-Pax Christi Bethlehem

My brothers and sisters in humanity and faith:

The Resurrection feast comes to us in the midst of difficult challenges, including the negative impact of the corona epidemic, the repressive measures of the occupation against people and the land, and the blockage of any horizon toward unity and civil peace. Those last two concepts are the solid basis for achieving freedom and building equal, responsible and committed citizenship in trying to reach justice and peace, security and prosperity. In addition, the region and the world face the Ukrainian war and its repercussions on humanity and the just Palestinian cause.

In the midst of darkness, the Resurrection feast invites us to reflect on the meanings of our belief in the only God and sense of belonging to the Arab Palestinian homeland, its principles and rights.

The feast of Resurrection and the Eid al-Fitr which will be celebrated by our Muslim brothers and sisters after fasting the holy month of Ramadan renew our steadfastness, courage and confidence in ourselves. Also, they help us to face the challenges of life, whether personal or public. These holidays call upon us to live our human love, our love for the Almighty God, for ourselves and for our neighbors without discrimination, prejudice and intolerance. According to Christian belief, the Lord Jesus Christ suffered, died, was buried, rose, ascended to heaven, and triumphed over evil and darkness. Despite the pain and grievances due to the epidemics, divisions, violence and occupation, God will give us victory and the joy of the feasts. He is able to raise us from death because we are the sons and daughters of the Resurrection.

Let us work together and start a new life full of faith, love and hope in order to live the teachings and principles of the sacred books in the Holy Land, “our common home,” as His Holiness Pope Francis called it. God chose our country by the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem and His resurrection in our beloved Jerusalem, which includes the Night Journey and Ascension of Prophet Mohammad. God calls us to strengthen our faith, steadfastness and unity, as we are lovers of our dear land and life in abundance.

In conclusion, let us pray to our Creator, God of love and peace, to inspire the leaders and governments of the world and lovers of justice, freedom and peace with the courage and strength to change and renew mind, heart and behavior to make a just peace, mutual security and comprehensive prosperity possible. I thank all the supporters, funders and members of AEI-Pax Christi for their cooperation and commitment.

A Happy Resurrection Feast and a Happy Eid al-Fitr

Director AEI-Pax Christi Mrs. Rania Murra