Facing Trails

Today, Wednesday 7 July 2021, the sumud story House women’s group held a meeting. The encouter started with a question asked by one of the women, which is: How can we bear and overcome difficulties? From that question the topic was about: “Facing trails at all levels and how to bear them”.

The discussion began with questions and answers, then Mr. Fuad Giacaman – AEI Co – President gave a brief presentation about overcoming challenges, and the solutions were as followed: Firstly, using our minds (one of our God’s blessings) for the public interest, secondly, trust and faith in God, thirdly the importance of promoting the national unity, and finally loving each other through work.

Some of the women narrated some stories and living testimonies, while one of them mentioned a touchy quote: “Keep it calm and keep it easy like the English people”. At the end we all share breakfast aiming at strengthening the relations among the women by sharing bread and salt.