Winning back the innocent smile

The people of Palestine used to live
as brothers and sisters like everywhere else.
Close to the earth and close to each other.
A disaster – the Nakbeh –  was inflicted.
The old beautiful houses
of which the people were proud
were replaced by ruins, bleeding and pain,
by sadness and fear.         
So much was broken, the soul was sniffed out.
The people lost their innocent smiles
that could change the world.

For long Palestine remained unknown.
What was only known: a Middle East exploding in killings and wars.
Humanitarian aid rushing in to calm people, for a while.
Leaving the roots of the conflict untouched, the roots of the earth and its people.
But we preserve our sumud
Sumud is going back to the roots of the problem
Going back to the people, to the love for the earth, the love for life
Sumud means:
People winning back the innocent smiles
which can change the world

Humanitarian aid can send out a message of love and connection
Of living across borders in equality and peace
Yet when there is a deep injustice a deep love is kept alive by anger
When we see children killed, people’s earth and freedom taken away,
an anger comes up which cannot be calmed by aid and diplomacy.
This anger can only be calmed by cutting the roots of inequality, the occupation and discrimination.
Only then we win back the innocent smiles
that can change the world.