Women’s Group Holds First Meeting After Covid Restrictions

Our women’s group held their first meeting on Monday, 24 May 2021, after a long time because of the health protocol restrictions as a result of Covid – 19 risks and the tragic conditions that our beloved country in Jerusalem, Gaza, and West Bank are passing through. The topic was the recent political situation in Palestine.

AEI Director Mrs. Rania Murra opened the discussion with a brief review of the latest developments in our just cause, and the women expressed their opinions, feelings, experiences, and live testimonies in light of these difficult situations.

AEI Co-President Mr. Fuad Giacaman presented a general analysis of the Palestinian political situation and highlighted the importance of the national unity that emerged between our people, the solidarity of the Arab and Islamic peoples, and the world’s free people with the justice of our cause.

After a discussion that was characterized by constructive dialogue and positive interaction, the participants agreed on the necessity of serious work and making initiatives in order to strengthen our sumud in all its forms, leading to liberation and then establishing the state.

We also celebrated the women’s birthdays in May as a form of joy and an expression of our continued steadfastness and our existence despite the difficult circumstances.