The Old Woman and the Doctor

The Old Woman and the Doctor He wore his white coat and put on his blue face mask. How much he started to hate this mask needed in the corona period. It became part of his official uniform as a doctor. He breathed deep and went out of the changing room to start treating the infected people. Seventeen days had …

AEI interview series: “A Christian-Islamic Religious Vision on the Concept of Sumud in Times of the Covid-19 Crisis,” supported by KAICIID (Vienna)

Rania Murra , Director of the Arab Educational Institute / Bethlehem – Member Organization of Pax Christi International “For us Palestinians, sumud represents life on earth.” What does sumud mean to you? The first thing that comes to my mind when hearing the word sumud: How can a person smile and have hope in the midst of darkness? Every day …

Advent, Christmas and New Year Message

During this blessed season and amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the daily occupation and the deteriorating economic circumstances in which the Palestinian people and the whole world find themselves, I cordially invite you to join me in a reflective virtual pilgrimage to Bethlehem, Palestine – the birth place of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a human belonging to the global human …

Fundraising for English Tutoring

Dear friends of the AEI, I am Theresa Priebe, a german volunteer in the AEI. I have now already been here since 8 eight month. About four month ago I started giving English tutoring to friends of mine and their siblings. I noticed that many kids have problems with simple english conversations, which made me expand the tutoring and give …

Wishes and Prayers Christmas 2017

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Palestine.



At this special time of Christmas we wish to offer you blessings and our solidarity and to assure you that we are thinking of you, and praying with you.


In Pax Christi we are gathering Christmas messages to you from our members and from others who share our work for justice and freedom for Palestine.

We hope that you will feel able to share these with your communities.


The following messages are from the Pax Christi Advent Service during which we had a special focus on Palestine and a dedicated prayer corner where candles were lit for you.


Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and praying for your peace and freedom,


In peace,




Christmas messages to Palestine 2017

from the Pax Christi Advent Service, London



Thank you for inspiring us who have so much freedom.

May Jesus bring peace to your heart this Christmas.

For this I will pray.     Rita FCJ



You are in my thought, prayers and heart this Christmas especially. Louise



God is with you.



Wishing you peace and justice.

Mary Ryan



Thinking of you especially at this time and wishing you peace and freedom.

Ann Farr




Christmas messages to Palestine 2017

from the Pax Christi Advent Service, London




I wish I could do more to help your cause.

Elizabeth O’Donoghue



Remember you are not forgotten and we are trying to help and lobby for you.

Angie, with love



Sincere best wishes. Thinking of you. God Bless.




Jesus is Lord and hears our cry.







Christmas messages to Palestine 2017

from Sabeel Prayer Group, Birmingham, UK






Hi. We are a small group in Birmingham, UK who pray for you

with the Sabeel Wave of prayer every Thursday.

We do what we can to tell people about the difficult situation

you are in and your amazing courage.
We will never forget you.
Here is a photo of three of us who have a market stall once a month to sell products from Palestine and to campaign on your behalf.
With lots of love and prayers
Gill, Miriam, Sue, Margaret, Dulcie, Ralph, Heather





Christmas messages to Palestine 2017

from Birmingham, UK







Dear Friends in Palestine
This is a message to say we have not forgotten you.
We cannot forget your courage  despite all the dreadful

daily difficulties you have to live with.
Once a month we have a market stall to

sell goods from Palestine and to tell people about your situation.

Please find the attached photo of two of us.
With love and peace
Gill, Miriam, Sue, Ann, Ralph, Margaret and Dulcie





7 Brookside

Cambridge CB2 1JE

United Kingdom

25 December 2017

Dear Palestinian Friends,

Greetings to you all this Christmas, and may the peace of Christ live in your hearts and in your homes.

We are the sisters of the Congregation of Jesus living in Cambridge and the photo below shows us with some friends who joined us today for Christmas lunch. We are raising our glasses to salute you, the brave people of Palestine. We are aware that you live in the land of Christ, and that you are full of concern and anxiety about the future. We want you to know that we are praying for you, that you and your children will be safe, and that one day you will be able to live at peace in your own land.


I have been in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, and Galilee, many times and know the Schmidt School opposite the Damascus Gate well. I have encouraged many of the Palestinian teachers there to stay and help the next generation of Palestinian women to be strong and well-educated, and to work for the future.

This comes with our prayers and blessings to all of you for today and for a better and more just year in 2018.

Sr Frances Orchard and all the CJ sisters


Christmas messages to Palestine 2017


from Newbury, UK


We are thinking of you as you live

the reality of Bethlehem today.



We remember you and pray for peace.


We love you people living in Palestine.

We are thinking of you. God Bless.


We pray for peace and justice in your land.

We also experienced the wall – terrible.



My fellow members of the United Nations Association

have urged our MP, Richard Benyon, to speak of your plight to Parliament.

God Bless



We are very sad that life is so hard for you.




Keep faith, keep strong,

For you are being remembered.



Michael Michelle – 3 years old – signed his name on the sheet



Christmas messages to Palestine 2017



Assuring you of our concern and prayers for a

peaceful, prosperous 2018 for all on the West Bank and Gaza.


Veronica Whitty, Wallsend,   UK




Please know that you are not forgotten.

Keep your spirit of Sumud alive.

We do stand in solidarity with you and

will continue our prayers for you all.

Our thoughts and actions are with you all and

we hope for peace one day.





You are in our thoughts and prayers.

You are not forgotten.







To all at Pax Christi

Please find attached our greetings and photos from Trinity St Albans United Reformed Church. We wish you well for all the work you do in this area of the world.

Praying for peace in 2018.

Kind regards

Sheila Knopp






Christmas messages to Palestine 2017

from South East Hull Parish


My prayers are with you all.

God bless and keep you all safe.

Ellen from Hull


A daily prayer is said for all the people in Palestine- never forgotten.

God bless

Eamonn from Hull


Thinking of you all at Christmas.

Every blessing of the new born Saviour to you all.

Sisters of Mercy. Hull


I hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas with your families.

I will be keeping you all in prayer at this Holy time and putting up a candle for you in our church to keep you all safe. God bless you all.

Maureen Breen

I hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas with your families. I will be keeping you all in prayer at this Holy time and putting up a candle for you in our church to keep you all safe. God bless you all Maureen Breen

God bless everyone at this time of the year. I’ve never known peace in your part of the world. We must pray harder.





Christmas messages to Palestine 2017


Dear brothers and sisters in Palestine, Gaza and the West Bank

I take a moment to send you my support and prayers during these difficult days. You have suffered so much loss, oppression and yet you continue to have hope in each other and in some of us in the world, many of us who believe you deserve your own country.

I regret President Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and I will do anything to challenge that.

May peace prevail among you this December and on the days to come.


Gloria Rivera IHM, Detroit MI USA



My prayer for all the people living in the West Bank.

Judith Bonini, IHM




Friends – hope was born where you are

– I pray for God to send peace and justice to Bethlehem

–  you are always in my thoughts
God bless. 

Pat Darbyshire, England




Christmas messages to Palestine 2017


Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your struggle.
Stanley and Barbara Staton



Christmas greetings to my brothers and sisters in Palestine, remembering you in my prayers and hope for a peaceful 2018.

Anne Brown



Dear Friends

Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers at this time when we are called to see things through the lens of justice for all.

With warm greetings

Carol Burns, Leeds


Thinking of you and praying for peace in this holy season.
Ann Kelly
Birmingham UK, Pax Christi



Dear friends in Palestine,

I send you my best wishes for Christmas and prayers for a just and peaceful new year. I was an Ecumenical Accompanier from the UK in 2009 to 2010 and have since then been engaged in advocacy

for peace and justice in the area. I am now settled in Pune in Western India and my prayers and work continues.

Please do convey my greetings to your network organisations.

In solidarity,

Hansa, India


Christmas messages to Palestine 2017



Dear Bethlehem Friends,


On behalf of the Methodist Church in Lichfield

I send you greetings in this joyful season,

bearing in mind the continuing troubles and stresses you are experiencing – made worse this year following the Trump declaration on Jerusalem.


Here in Lichfield we have responded to your cry,

not to forget you in this time of need.

Several churches in the city switched off their Christmas tree lights for five minutes during prayers at

the midnight Eucharist.

In the Methodist church we joined together in a sustained round of applause for the citizens of Bethlehem.

At the service I made the point that the invitation to switch off lights on our Christmas trees, as a sign of solidarity, was taken up by several churches in the city.


We pray for you and hold you in God’s light.

We hope that 2018 will see significant steps towards justice and freedom for Bethlehem and for the Palestinian people..

In love and peace

Warren Bardsley (Rev)



Christmas messages to Palestine 2017



My name is Jim and I live in Redditch in the English Midlands.

At this Holy time of year I often think of and pray for my brothers

and sisters living in difficult circumstances. Perhaps even more difficult than normal at the moment. Please be assured of prayers and concern.


Wishing you all the blessings of this Holy season.

Jim Quinn



I want to thank you for your continued justice work,

I pray that, somehow, 2018 will

allow justice and peace to emerge from the shadows.


Nia Higginbotham, North Wales



May you have courage and strength to live the Christmas message of peace and goodwill – and may the coming year bring real progress towards justice for your country,




With love, hope and patience, justice WILL win through.

I will keep on praying.



You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.



Article – The Wall Cannot Stop Our Stories

The Wall Cannot Stop Our Stories     The Arabic concept of sumud, literally steadfastness, guides the youth’ and women’s work at the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem, member of the peace movement Pax Christi. At the time when the concept started to become widely used in the Palestinian movement in the occupied West Bank, at the end of the …

Artikel – Die Mauer kann unsere Geschichten nicht aufhalten

Die Mauer kann unsere Geschichten nicht aufhalten Fuad Giacaman Arab Educational Institute     Das Leitbild von „Sumud“, Standhaftigkeit, bestimmt die Arbeit der Jugend und der Frauen im Arab Educational Institute (AEI) in Bethlehem. Das AEI ist Mitglied bei pax christi. Zu der Zeit, als im besetzten Palästina Ende der 70er Jahre der Begriff „Sumud“ zuerst benutzt wurde, war sein …

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Strategic Plan Arab Educational Institute 30/8/2016 – 30/8/2019     Basic data     Full name of the organisation Arab Educational Institute Acronym AEI-Open Windows Date established December 1987 Nationality Palestinian Legal status, official registration number NGO Non-profit organization QR-0034-F Official address P.O.Box 681, Bethlehem Visiting address Paulus VI Street (Madbasseh), Youth Media House Hebron Rd near checkpoint, Sumud Story …

Annual Report 2016/2017

Annual Report Arab Educational Institute 1/9/2016-30/8/2017     Introduction   AEI hosted four programs each of which deals with a combination of different target groups:   Inter-religious (Moslem-Christian) community Youth and children Women and family Cultural tourism.   In each of the programs AEI builds upon the power of bringing people together and communicating their voices and stories.     …