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  1. AEI has developed a method of learning about inter-religious living together, called “Read, Reflect, Communicate and Act. It has drawn international attention, has been applied in the Netherlands by the youth organization Timu Kota, and is explained here:
  2.  Methods and approaches of non-violence are explained by AEI in its booklet “Another Way: Non-Violence as a Mentality and Strategy in Palestine. Materials for Education.” Text also available in French. Please find here the full text:
  3.  AEI has worked on the concept of sumud or steadfastness in such a way that it stresses broad cultural-educational dimensions that bring out the “soul of the Palestinian people.” Here are some of the articles which introduce the concept. ,
  4. A central educational project of AEI is “Living in the Holy Land: Respecting Differences” about inter-religious living together. Here is a discussion about its methods used:
  5.  Please consult the two documentation websites which AEI manages,, for stories and articles of AEI, including the women of the Sumud Story House, and for educational guidelines and manuals, in English and Arabic, about such subjects as: communicating Palestine, intercultural and inter-religious communication, and civics in Palestine.
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