The Voice of Christmas from Bethlehem, 2016

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Christmas comes back this year under hard circumstances worldwide. Here in Palestine we witness on daily base the deaths of young people, executions, sieges, checkpoints and walls. On the one hand, there is the ongoing occupation and lack of freedom; on the other we face ongoing fear and lack of security. Palestine remains a vast prison and death arena for everyone, including women and children. 

 The international as well as Arab communities stand silent and unable to find ways to a just peace. Therefore our hearts, prepared to welcome the King and Maker of Peace, are filled with fear for the future of Palestine in particular and the world in general. Everyone bleeds from the wounds of injustice, oppression and terrorism that devours the Arab world and increasingly the world at large.

Life in Palestine is getting harder despite many solidarity initiatives from various groups and institutions around the world. We are in need of peace, justice, freedom and an end to occupation which the world fails to achieve. We want the world to listen to the voices of the oppressed in this Holy Land; the voices of the children, women and the elderly, the voices of those who were killed, injured and imprisoned, and the voices of those besieged in Gaza and forgotten. Palestine, the land of the monotheistic religions and the land of peace, is still besieged, fragmented and occupied. It raises its voice high to address the world to demand and secure international protection, to tell the truth, and work to bring about a just peace.

Christmas is the holiday of joy for all mankind. Let us open our hearts to hear the voices of the angels promise peace on earth. May just peace fill our hearts and lives in the New Year despite all the difficult circumstances.


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year\

Rania Mourra

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