Wishes and Prayers

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Christmas 2015-6

Send your wishes to Bethlehem, and they will be read and distributed among Palestinians of the area. 

First names (or initials) are in alphabetical order.

Messages from the Chapel of Unity, Coventry, other messages from Coventry, and Kairos Palestine UK are at the end.

Astrid O’Brien

No matter how bleak things look for world peace, believers know for certain that this is still God's world, and eventually the power of God will overcome all hatred. Our God is a God of peace, not of violence and hatred. We need to trust in God, now and always,

Prayers from around the world surround you during this very difficult time in Bethlehem.

Dear Children,

Jesus came to bring peace and joy to the world: too many have forgotten this, and still think that war is the way  to peace. It never is, of course. Please do not be like them; violence only leads to more violence, Love  And prayers


Barbara McCracken, OSB

To all in Bethlehem, especially to the Christians:

I visited Bethlehem University in 1987 and again in 1997.

Love and prayer for peace from here in the middle of the USA.


Betty Frank
Dear Friends in Bethlehem,
We greet you at this time of Christmas. We wish you the hope and encouragement that Christmas offers, but we realize that we are offering this at a very difficult time. Still we place our faith in a God of hope and pray that you can share in that hope, being so close to its geographical origins.
I just sent a message to my representatives in the US Congress insisting that military aid to Israel is used in ways that are consistent with human rights standards as outlined in US laws. If the US did this it would mean the end to military aid to Israel.
My church denomination, the United Church of Christ, passed a resolution calling for this in August.
May moments of hope and joy break through all the difficulties you face daily and keep your spirits up and your hope alive.
Love and peace


Betty Kugi, OP

Assistant Archivist

Mazzuchelli Collection

May peace dwell in your hearts and may the love of the Holy Family be your image this Christmas and our hope for the world.


Mrs C Ryan

Pastoral Assistant

St Margaret Mary Church Office

Middle Road, Park Gate, Hants. SO31 7GH

God our Father,

We pray for peace in the land of our Saviour’s birth.

Lord, you know the walls that separate your people;
let your light still shine on those shadowed by division.

May they remain strong, always rooted to the mentality of peace, despite persecution.

As the world prepares to recall the birth of the Prince of Peace,

may that message of peace & love touch the hearts of all who dwell there.  Amen.

May God grant you all a peaceful Christmas and safe and prosperous year to come.

God bless


Chaumet Lagrange Thibaut


Donne nous la Paix que Tu promets dans tes Evangiles Enseigne nous à la construire comme le fruit de la vérité et de la justice Que la présence de Marie , l'oeuvre de l'Esprit Saint , la présence de Joseph , réconcilient les coeurs et les peuples et les unissent en une seule et même famille Que vienne à nous Ton règne d'Amour , dans l'unicité de toutes nous voix , de tous nos actes.=


Sister Clare Lentz, SP

To all the citizens of Bethlehem,

Daily I pray for peace in Bethlehem and all of the Holy Land.  Today pray with you trusting in Jesus’ words:  “Peace I leave with you.  My Peace I give you.”  Our Hope is in our Risen Savior.

Blessings in Jesus


Daniel Driscoll-Shaw

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We bear you daily in our hearts and in our prayers.  We will be especially sensitive to your presence during these days when you are forced to share the limitations that the Holy Family experienced that first Christmas.

Con mucho carino


Darlene Coffman

We here in Rochester, MN admire you so much and send our thoughts, prayers at this Christmas season,  and pledge to continue to work on your behalf for the equality, liberation, and justice you have deserved far too long.


Dear Friends in Bethlehem,

May you be blessed with peace and joy in this holy Christmas season.  May peace be with you all throughout the New Year.



Sr. Diane Roche, rscj

The Stuart Center

821 Varnum St. NE

Washington, DC 20017

Please know that I am deeply moved by the suffering being endured on all sides of the conflicts which are tearing apart the lives of those who live in Bethlehem.  My prayers are with you during this special time.


Dolores Congdon, Maryknoll Sister

Dear Friends in Bethlehem,

I wish you peace and joy during this season of Advent as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus once again.

Your efforts to create and support peace make you agents of change that needs to come to Bethlehem!

May God bless those efforts with true peace soon!


Rev. Douglas W. Smith

Pomona, California USA

We praise and thank God for your witness to the power and mercy of God in your stalwart defense of your human right to self government and a homeland in the Middle East.  May your heroic resistance to all efforts to dislodge and displace you from your historic homeland be rewarded with advances on behalf of justice and peace in the coming year.  To God  be the glory as you continue your witness.

For peace and joy for all


Elizabeth Kolmer, ASC

To all those who live in Bethlehem:

At this time as Christians look forward to the commemoration of the birth of Jesus, I ask God to bless you with peace and hope.  This is the message Jesus came to give us.  May peace and hope be yours.


George & Sandra

May the whole of the Middle East be overtaken by God's Loving Mercy and especially during this Great Year of Mercy.


Harry Bram

Know that you are always in our prayers. May the love of God touch the hearts of those who can bring peace.


Ian Crabtree

Dear Friends in Bethlehem,

As the feast of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ approaches once again, I send you greetings for a happy and holy Christmas. May the love of God which transcends our human frailties, especially our lack of compassion and understanding, renew in us all a spirit of peace, goodwill and mercy. I pray that he will shower you with blessings and give you courage and hope to face the New Year. God bless you all.


Jack Tischhauser


I so admire the resiliency and courage of the Palestinian people.

May God bless you and help you in your struggle.

I will do what I can to work for peace in the Holy Land, and I always pray for you.


Jane Davids

May the God of peace reign everywhere!

Janet Kalman

Wishing an abundance of God's blessings to all of our brothers and sisters in the land of Jesus' birth.


Jean (Leahy)

This May I was in Bethlehem for the Pax Christi International 70th Anniversary Conference and I met some great people. Thank you for all your efforts to make this such a good conference - and an excellent way to see Bethlehem -  and some of the good things and unhappily many of the bad things that are happening there.

I have various mementos of my time there and use them as reminders to continue to pray for and with you. Especially at this time as you celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace. I send you Christmas Prayers and Blessings.



At this very special time of the year I send my greetings to you all for a very peaceful Christmas and a New Year.

I pray that one day we might learn to live in close harmony whatever religion and even those without a religion. Then and only then will Christ's message be achieved.

God bless you all.


Judith Bonini, IHM

I wish you deep peace.  I pray for you and your people.


Judy Talvacchia

Dear friends,

In this season when we celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace, I pray

for just and last peace in your land and throughout the world.  Having

visited your country three years ago, I feel more deeply the longing for

peace.  I hold you in prayer until that day comes.

Wishing you all the blessings of the season


Kathleen Dunwoodie Aman

Greetings from Amherst, NY, USA. I offer you my sincerest prayer for peace this Christmas and all year through. Peace in your own hearts, peace in your families, peace in your neighborhoods and peace in your city and nation. Then your example of peace will inspire more into the entire world. God Bless


Sister Kathryn Shannon

Maryknoll Missioner

Peace and prayers for all in Bethlehem. I visited once and will never forget it. The plan of God is a mystery.  It remains for us to be faithful until the Will of God prevails. It will!


Sister Kerry O’Reilly, OSB

We are children of the same God, let us turn to our sacred scriptures and learn what we need for peace among us.


Larry & Catherine Halvey-Goodwin

PLANT (Partners for the Land & Agricultural Needs of Traditional Peoples)

Manaus-Centro - Amazonas 69020-030, BRASIL

Blessed are the peacemakers.  With God's help, may we never let down our efforts to forge lasting peace between and with all peoples of the earth.


Larry Griffin

May peace and joy be with Palestinians and Israelis



God's peace and goodness surround you each day.



Leanne Kerschner, OSF

Lima, Ohio  45801

"May you always be with God wherever you may be; and may God be with you always."

Blessing of St. Clare of Assisi


Lenore N. Dowling, IHM

Los Angeles, CA

Wishing you the blessings and peace of this holy season.  May your families be graced with love and joy.


Sister Lily Butler

I pray for the opening of hearts of all peoples in Israel and Palestine.

It is surely God's choice. Let us send our hope and love.


Lorraine Hartmann

Seattle, Washington, USA

I send my prayers and wishes for peace on earth, goodwill toward all human beings and creatures, and steadfastness of faith among you who suffer under Occupation in Christ’s birthplace this Christmas season. May the hope of this Birth sustain you in your nonviolent struggle for justice and peace.

God bless you. 


Manny Hotchkiss

Portland, Oregon  U.S.A.

May the Peace of our Creator be with all of you in Palestine!


Sr. Margaret Ann Arnold

I have emails to my  Representatives for Wisconsin to support peace between Israel and the Palestinians. May the New Year bring Pope Francis' message of mercy to all who live there.


Margaret A. Flanagan, MCA

Board President of Pax Christi Metro New York

May justice be done this year, and may all be able to live in peace and joy, with respect for one another and honoring all the ways in which we live and give glory to God!

Each of us is a gift from God, and I was reminded of how beautiful you and your land are when I went to an event sponsored by Pax Christi Metro New York on Dec. 10th, Human Rights Day, and Rosemarie Pace, our director, shared with us slides and some of your stories. I was there in 1996, and the injustice of the situation from before I was born until now haunts me always.

Thank you for persisting with nonviolence and joy in this horrendous situation, and prayers and all I can do will continue until you have justice! take care,


Margaret Hoffman.  California USA

During this Christmas Season may you all experience God’s Love, Joy & Peace and Deeper Connection with one another.

That you and your loved ones  be blest with peace and hope in  the coming year is my sincere wish for you for the coming year.  This is my prayer for you.  With caring. 


Maria Landriscina

I wish all of you along with your families a blessed Christmas.


Maria Leonard

2650 N. Lakeview #1706

Chicago IL 60614-1872
"That they all may be one, as thou Father in me and I in Thee, that they may be one in us."

With prayers for peace and unity with mercy!


May we recognize that we are one human family. May we accept and respect our differences.  May we entrust ourselves and others to our good God.


Marilyn Pechillo, SND

May we all realize we belong to one family.  May we work for peace with all our brothers and sisters, respecting diversity and trusting in our good God.


Marilyn Shaw

Praying fervently for peace in the Holy Land, for our Palestinian Christian Brothers and Sisters and for all Palestinians that the Occupation will end and the hearts of all will be open to God's message of love and mercy.



At this season I want to reach out to everyone in our world community and to send peaceful wishes and prayers that all may be free of any form of suffering.

My prayer is for peace, harmony and joy.


S. Martha

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

My heart is full of sadness when I learn of the suffering, dislocation, and uncertainty of living in the Middle East.  So I hope and pray daily that all people will learn of the goodness and pleasure that can be shared by coming together and working for understanding and friendship. 

May your courage and faith remain steadfast, and may God bless you with deep peace today and always.



Sister Martha Jacob, OSU


Ursuline Sisters of Louisville

You are in my prayer and thoughts during this Holy Season and throughout 2016!


Martin Zatsick

Peace & Good !

Wishing you Peace, Life, Light & Love. Know, that you have my Prayers, Thoughts & Love.

Love & Blessings


Mary C Brown

Dear  Friends in Bethlehem,

Wishing you Peace and Joy at Christmas and in the New Year.

Peace and love from Canada.


S. Mary David, OSB

Holy Name Monastery

Box 2450

St. Leo, FL  33574

May the Peace that Christ came to bring, be yours.  May there be Peace on Earth.  That is my prayer for you & your family.

352 588 8320



Mary Ellen Norpel

May your spirit hold tight to the Great Mystery that upholds us all.

Peace, Pax, Paz, Pace, Shalom, Salaam...


Mary Nolan

May the Prince of Peace born in Bethlehem shine the light of God's compassionate love on all the people of Palestine. My prayers are for a true peace with justice.


Mary A. Ryan

Greetings to you and love, peace and gratitude to you for all you do to bring about peace in your land and by extension, all the lands of our world! Know you are in the thoughts and prayers of countless people in this part of the world, and in the quest for peace we are all committed to the same goal!

Thank you, and may God bless each and every one of your efforts on behalf of peace!



Maureen Jessnik RSM

May your sufferings, prayers and witness continue to make real the mission of Jesus, our Prince of Peace.

Special Christmas Blessings!


Meinrad Schneckenleithner

Dear Friends in Bethlehem/Palestine!

I send you - as a member of the Pax Christi Austria -  best wishes at Christmas recognizing your political situation!

I hope  - since many years - that the Israeli occupation will end and you can have a live without this restrictions!

We think on you! You are in our hearts! So we distribute the so called 'Candle For Bethlehem' in our region - in parishes and during vigils.

This candles we place on our Christmas-trees! (See one in the attachment!)

With the peace of Christ I wish you also a good year 1916!



Our Beautiful Friends in Bethlehem:

Know that I support peace for you and your neighbors as so many of us do around the world.  You are not on this journey alone.


Michelle Rose

919-624-4407 M

Many are praying for Peace in The Holy Land. I am one of the many. May God bless you with peace in your heart and home!


Norie Mojado

Leigh and Lenore Isleib

We wish all the people of Bethlehem, no matter what religion, nationality or creed, the peace poured out on all of us from a loving God.



Sister Nylas Moser, ASC

My brothers and sisters in Bethlehem,

You have a special place in my heart. 

Sending you wishes of peace and hope


Paolo Pian

May Christmas bring peace and justice to the area and mostly between Israel and the Palestine. Let's pray our merciful Lord that all the people of good will could prevail against the tendency of resolving the problems with violence and find a common ground with mutual respect for the inalienable rights to every people to his own country.


Patricia Constantino 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 

To my dear brothers and sisters in Bethlehem, 

I send you greetings and wishes for peace, justice and prosperity. You and all Palestinians are remembered in my daily prayers.

With love and blessings, 

Your friend


Pax Christi Friend

(whose name cannot be used!)

Dear Palestinian Friends,

May God be praised… and may God look with Compassion on

you all, especially those who suffer from those who try to crush you.

What is happening to your Children and Women and Youth is


Together with you, I try to do all I can here in the US.

I remember and will not forget what you have taught me…




Blessings this Christmas and New Year!

Yours in solidarity


Peggy Miros

Peace Be With You

from an American Friend


Rachelle Harper, RSM

I, in union with the Christ and all His holy Body, send God's Holy Presence and flowing, healing Light to all on this globe.    



May Jesus, Mary and Joseph give you peace.

You are in my heart and prayer


St Rose, Illinois

We pray for your safety and peace this coming year.  May you all receive the peace that the Peace Center in Manger Square symbolizes in this coming year as we all wait in joyful hope for the Coming of our Savior.   Much love and comfort from all of us


Rosemarie Pace, Director

Pax Christi Metro New York

371 Sixth Avenue

New York, NY 10014

212-420-0250 (p); 212-420-1628 (fax)

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Dear Friends and Colleagues in Bethlehem,

Greetings of Peace at this sacred time of year! It was such an honor to walk with you in your hometown last May during the Pax Christi International 70th Anniversary conference and celebration. While my heart was already with you, I feel even closer, having seen you face-to-face, having listened to your stories, having felt your pain and sorrow, as well as your great warmth and indomitable spirit. This Advent, I wish you the Hope that can only come from God. This Christmas, I wish you the Joy that can only come from the Prince of Peace born anew among us. I believe the world is waking up to your plight, even here in the U.S.A., even among Jews who understand and care. May God gift you with continued Strength, with ever-deepening Love, and with ultimate Peace and Justice!

"War destroys. And we must cry out for peace. Peace sometimes gives the idea of stillness, but it is never stillness. It is always an active peace. I think that everyone must be committed in the matter of peace, to do everything that they can, what I can do from here. Peace is the language we must speak." Pope Francis

Your soul-sister


Sr. Rosemary Russell, CPPS

During this Advent/Christmas Season, I would like to send to you a message of peace and hope in the world, especially to all of you in the West Bank/Jerusalem area.   You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Ruth Moynihan

I pray constantly for peace and for justice for the people of Palestine and especially Bethlehem!  Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! 


Santa Orlando

Clifton Park NY USA

Dear people of the Holy Land,

During this Advent season we wait to celebrate God's presence among us, yet many are still waiting to experience the peace and the message that was delivered long ago in the manger. As is the case in most countries the people's hearts may be in a different place than those who make policy. Please know that I am one of many residing in northern NY state USA that pray and work for peace , justice , inclusivity and equality in the world. Sending positive prayer energy to you and  yours for a world at peace.



Sarah Griffiths

Merry Christmas, Peace and goodwill to all


Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Peace and Hope.   Roy

We wish you a blessed and hopeful Christmas and New Year.  May 2016 be one when the lion does finally lay down with the lamp and the innocent wisdom of a child lead us all to the peace of God’s Reign.


Susan Gunn

May the light of the world overcome the darkness in each of our hearts, our homes, our communities and nations! May all people of Bethlehem find peace and blessings in 2016


Suzanne E. Wallin

Sr. of Charity of New York

May your hearts be ever more merciful, just, peaceful and your actions non-violent in this holy Season of Christmas and in the coming year.

with heartfelt warm greetings


Sister Suzanne Moore, MM

My heart and prayer are with you. May peace come.


Teri Krowka 

To all People of Good will and working for Peace,

You are in my thoughts and prayers as we continue

to wait in joyful HOPE for our world to heal and

be at peace.  



winter-solstice-ritual: http://ecospiritualityresources.com/2015/12/08/

This brings my earnest blessings to you for Christmas and the coming year. May the miracle of Christmas bring, finally, the miracle of peace and justice to you and all your neighbors.


Tracy Knapp

I pray that peace , justice, tolerance and charity may reign Bethlehem, the Mideast and throughout the world.  Blessings on you.


William Donnelly

May God bless you as two people's in one land with one heart of justice, love and peace.


2015 Christmas Messages to Palestine

  from the Chapel of Unity, Coventry, UK

Christine, Oxfordshire

 May 2016 bring you peace and happiness. 


Sr Ruth, Coventry

 You are never forgotten in our prayers for peace and new life for you.

 You are in our prayers this Christmas and throughout the year.


 Craig, Coventry

 Imagining a world in which our words of righteousness, peace, hope, justice, joy and imagination have come to fruition and word has become flesh. 

 May the Prince of Peace touch your lives and bring you peace. May 2016 bring with it world peace where people are not numbers or targeted by airstrikes. May children wake us to peace.


Louise and Dave, Deal, Kent

 Peace and joy forever.


Catherine, Lanesville, California

 May the God of Hope fill you with all peace, as you trust in him.


Joe Renny, London

 A change is going to come. 


Claire, Coventry

 Hope and Love for a better future.


Kevin, Coventry

 Hope, Love and Compassion for us all. 


Millie, Bath

 May God keep you all in His Keeping. 


M.D. and S.G. Ibberson, Bedworth, England

 May God bless you all and ease your suffering.


Andersons. Salisbury, Wiltshire

 Peace to you all. 


Ann, Coventry

 You are always in our thoughts and prayers here inCoventry, a City ofPeaceand Reconciliation. We pray for justice and freedom for you. 


Sarah, Stratford Upon Avon

 Never give up the hope of peace. 


Mary, Coventry

 Blessings for Christmas and the New Year

I am praying for you. Love and Blessings


 Margaret and Chris

 God Bless all in everyday of every year. Hope never dies. 

 Peace from Ken King, Seattle, WA- USA


Emilia, Denmark

 Hold on a little bit more. Peace will come.


Anne Morrison, Coventry

  May God grant you peace in 2016.


 To all our brothers and sisters in Gaza

and the West Bank


May the God of Peace bless you, who live and belong in the beautiful land that Jesus, the Son of God, was proud to call his own.

Be assured that we remember you and pray for you daily and will continue to do so.

Chas andChris Coleman& family

St John the Baptist Parish and St Osburg’s Parish,

Coventry, UK


To the people of Gaza and the West Bank

My thoughts are with you this Christmas

and during 2016.

I spread the word wherever I can.



Lynne Adams


United Kingdom

Kathryn, Coventry

May the Lord give you the blessing of peace. 


Sue, Darlington UK

The blessing of peace everlasting. 


May the Lord grant you peace in 2016. You are always in our prayers.


Assalamu Alaikum my dear brothers and sisters. Insha Allah you are always in my prayers. May Allah alleviate your struggles and make you victorious. Ameen


Sue and Dave Gormley,  Sale

May God’s love seep into all areas of the world, bringing joy, peace and reconciliation. Amen.  


I wish you peace and love and may God help you. 

Love never ends.  I wish you peace and love


Messages to the people of Palestine

from parishioners of St. Joseph’s, Wealdstone, London, UK

Christmas 2015:


Margaret Doherty

Love to Bethlehem           


John Bishop

Prayers for peace this Christmas and the New Year.          



You are in our thoughts this Christmas               


Keelin Maguire

Merry Christmas.  Have a blessed day and New Year.  I hope you receive love and kindness.


Sr Bernadina

Peace in all the world’s trouble spots. Peace in Sudan and for all our missionaries, priests and sisters.        


Caitlin McDonald

Merry Christmas. Have a blessed day and New Year. I hope you receive love and care in the New Year.   


Anita Grant

We wish you peace in 2016 and for many years to come.         

Susan McEvoy

I am in awe of your faith when in a minority and in such difficult circumstances. Keep strength and hope.                                                     

James Mulhall

Thinking of you at this time.                                        

With love from the Stern family

We are praying for you all that you may have peace over Christmas and in the New Year.

Cheryl Wharton

I wish you peace and love. God bless.                           

Rosemary Foley

May God bless you always and especially at this Holy Season.             

Sr Brigid Quinn

Peace, Love and joy always. God bless.                            

Liz Dennehy

I pray that the blessed Lord Jesus will bring His peace to you and your families and the Holy Land. God bless.                                                                      

Teague family

May the Lord bring Justice and Peace to the Palestinian people of Bethlehem. May we build bridges not walls in 2016.                                                       

Let peace happen in Bethlehem.

Praying for peace


Christmas messages, from members of Kairos Britain,

to the people of Palestine


I  am thinking of and praying for all those who are in a difficult situation in the country of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
May PEACE  be with you and all the Middle East this Christmas
is our prayer, with our love and Prayers      Jane and all my family, Aylesbury


Sending hopes of peace. We will be thinking of you and praying for you at our Christmas services. Margaret Crawshaw,  Marple


I pray you all have a peaceful Christmas and a year ahead filled with hope and happiness.  God bless you all. Simon,  London


We send you this message of love and support to encourage you to stand strong in these most difficult of times. 

We pray for you every day and at this Christmas time we pray that you will once again know God's presence and message of joy and peace deep within your soul giving you the strength to face 2016 with renewed hope. 

You are precious, loved and not forgotten. Beth, Neil & Catherine Gibbons,  Chester


We pray for all of you at this time. May finally hearts be unhardened and all turn towards a lasting and just peace.

May the Christian season of joy bring some happiness  to all, and blessings from Margaret Brusasco,  Tervuren, Belgium


Christmas is a time of good will and the promise of peace to all men and women. Jesus so loved the world and all its people, not just a select few.

I pray for the peace and justice that God wants for all his people to be visited on Palestine and all people this Christmas.  Jenny Ashcroft,  Skelmersdale


Peace be with you all this Christmas. I have received so much from you and am grateful. You and your situation are always in my thoughts and prayers for better times. Christmas challenges the world to value love, justice and peace above all else. Let us hope that these precious gifts will prevail in your land soon for there is nothing more valuable and dear, nothing more important for our world and they lie at the heart of the life of Jesus Christ. Wishing you every blessing for Christmas and New Year.  John Butler,  Llangybi, Wales


I want you to know we are thinking about you at this time of year. In fact we are always thinking about you. Have a wonderful Christmas and let's hopeful 2016 will be peaceful for  you.  David Ruffell, Hong Kong


I think about you very much and feel for your suffering. There are many people all around the world who are campaigning, donating and trying to raise awareness of the injustice of your situation and the terrible way you are being treated.  You are not alone.
Greetings for Christmas and I hope and pray that 2016 is a better year for you all.

 Corinne Moore,  Newark


When I was in Palestine/Israel some years ago I met some lovely Palestinian people.

Your situation makes me both angry and sad. I write to my member of parliament and speak to my friends and my church concerning the injustice you suffer.
Now I send you greetings in the name of the holy child of Bethlehem and assure you of my prayers to the one God of all people.
Revd Canon Ernest Hepworth,  Barton Upon Humber


You are in a very special place and have a special place in our hearts, prayers and thoughts this Christmas xx    Marcia,  Formby


 To my brothers and sisters in Palestine; this is to assure you that you are not forgotten.  I have such great memories of the warm welcome I received on two visits, especially in Bethlehem.   I long for and pray for peace and justice in your land and pray that this Christmas there may be glimpses of light in the darkness that surrounds you.         Peter Llewellyn,  Bristol


We do not forget you in your oppression and suffering.  Every day I light a candle and in our church we pray for peace on 24th of each month.  We hope and pray for peace and an end to the occupation of Palestine.  May the God of peace bless you this Christmas.            Karen Rowberry,  Southampton


I served as an ecumenical accompanier in Ramallah in 2005 and travelled in the West Bank so I know what you are all going through.  Along with others, I continue to educate people in the UK about what is going on and campaign as a member of the Palestine Solidarity Group and a member of Kairos.  I send you my hopes for a just solution to the problems you face and to let you know that you are often in my thoughts.    Gerald Conyngham, Crediton, Devon, England.


You are not forgotten and never ever will be forgotten. Our prayer is for God to give you wisdom and determination in your situation, which is so very difficult and challenging.      David Bradley,  Liverpool


My thoughts and prayers are with you this Christmas and I hope there will be peace in 2016 , With Love, Diana Sanderson,  Durham


Praying for you all that dialogue will develop and that peace will come to you, God bless you, and especially at this Christmas time when all the Christian world is facing in your direction.     Elizabeth Wright,  Ludlow


Sisters and brothers, we stand with you, horrified by the cruel injustice which you have to suffer, but hopeful that a just peace will triumph over the seemingly victorious evil.        Colin Carr O.P., Newcastle upon Tyne


My thoughts , along with so many others here in the UK, are with Palestinian people suffering under a cruel occupation.

 Our hopes are that freedom and a just peace may soon come.

 A non violent approach to the situation is one that will bring   long term success. May you have the courage and strength to achieve , after such a long period of suffering, the long time goal of peace , justice and security.

 Wishing you now a Joyful and Happy Christmas.

 Donald Saunders,  Colwyn Bay, North Wales.


I pray that you know the peace of our Lord at this special time when we celebrate his birth. A number of us here inLichfield,Englandsend you our prayers and support. We know your struggles as many of us have been and shared your wonderful hospitality. May God bless you all and may you know that you will be in our hearts.

 Christine McDermott,  Lichfield


We are thinking of you and praying for you.

 We will remind our church members of your situation and ask their prayers too as we sing our carols. May you know His peace even in the midst of difficulty.   

 Janet Bissex, Liverpool


Love and prayers from  Jo, a friend in London. xx


 Never forgotten, prayers and all best wishes at this season.

 Helen Russell, Mold, Wales


Here in Liverpoolmy family and my church friends think of you a great deal. Jesus our saviour who once lived in your land is with you as he is with us. He suffered greatly in his life and is with you in your suffering. We think of you, and we campaign on your behalf.      Terry Phillips, Liverpool


May the Lord bless you.  With prayers for justice and peace.  Tony Sheen,  Enfield


I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas, and I hope and pray that 2016 will bring some peace and prosperity to your land.

 You are in our thoughts and prayers this Christmas. God Bless you and your families.

 Brian Walsh, Middlesbrough


Our thoughts and prayers are with you,  Richard Eddleston and Nottingham Quaker


 When we sing the Carol 'O Little town of Bethlehem' we cannot fail to think of the difficulties endured by the people of Bethlehem, the West Bank and Gaza. We pray that the peace of Christ will descend on this land and return Palestineto the Palestinians.   Tony McNicholl, Trearddur Bay, Anglesey, Wales


The local Friends of Palestine group send Christmas Greetings to all Palestinians, but especially to those inGazaand theWest Bank, who are suffering so much as a result of the unjust policies of the Israeli Government and its military.We are working towards a time when there will be a just peace in the Holy Land, and where you will  have full equal rights  as fellow human beings and citizens of the world.    Blessings to you all.    Judith Hammond,  Bradford-on-Avon


With you very much at this time of waiting and HOPE.  Keep your wonderful spirit !  It is always a great inspiration that you can see life so positively!  I lived in 2 countries near to you -LebanonandSyria- and so met many of your compatriots.  You know how to take life as it is, day by day. I wish you every joy this Christmas when Christ will certainly be present with you.  Pray for us too, that we can put perspective into our own small lives here!  I remember  you in my own journey to meet the Lord inBethlehem!

 Sr Susan Foukx, R.J.M., Paris  France


As we celebrate the birth of our saviour I pray that God and the U.N. will be your saviour and allow you live a normal life of peace, happiness and joy.

 Be well, stay well and smile at our blessings - even when in peril.

 Peter Kehoe, Bristol


May God bless you all at this special time of the year. I shall pray for you all at the vigil Mass of Christmas here in Oxford. May the Christ child give you the strength to endure your hardships.  Brother Laurence Hughes FSC, Oxford


A growing number of people are at last realising the truth and wish you a better and changing future. May the message of the Incarnation continue to bring you hope and perseverance, and may those who wish you well grow in number and in ways of bringing your hopes to fruition. Colin Oxenforth,  Liverpool


Remembering that Nazarethis near Mount Carmel , our spiritual derivation , we are thinking of and praying for you as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour in Bethlehem.   May God grant you peace.   John Fellows,  Cardiff Third Order Carmelites.


Praying for you every day, refusing to throw away hope for history to bring justice and peace in your own country.    Richard Podger, Brecon, Wales


Dear Palestinian Brothers and Sisters in Christ Peace, joy and light be yours this Christmas.  In solidarity Daniele xx  Daniele Viner, Tunbridge Wells


I have been in Bethlehem a number of times and been impressed by the warmth and friendliness of the people.  I have been inHebronand seen the dignity and forbearance of the people there. I have been in a queue at theBethlehemcheckpoint and been appalled at the disregard of the IDF soldiers.In all my visits, the message of peace comes over loud and clear from the Palestinian people - but it must be peace with justice.This is my prayer for you for next year, that the international community might truly see what is going on and work to change things on the ground. May God accompany you in your struggle and bring the peace, justice and freedom that is the right of everyone.   Norma Moore,  Balloch


I just want to let you know that we are trying, in the small ways open to us, to draw attention to the injustices you have to face daily.  We wish you courage in facing the daily horror, and want to express our admiration for your ability to do this peacefully.

 Hope your Christmas is blessed, despite all.   Nia Higginbotham, Llandudno, Wales


At Christmas time more than any I am aware of your suffering under the oppression of the Israeli occupation. I hope and pray that you have a peaceful Christmas and pray that 2016 will bring hope of a peaceful and just resolution to the situation.

 God bless you.      Karen Foster,  Sandbach, Cheshire


You are not forgotten - our thoughts and prayers are with you at all times, but most especially over this Christmas season.

 May the God who sent His Son to bring peace to the world fill your heart with an abundance of his blessings.

 Love, prayers and good wishes for Christmas and 2016. Sr Patricia,


Lots of love and greetings to you in this season of Our Lords birth. In spite of your hardships may you enjoy the peace and love of Christ.  You are in our thoughts and prayers as we celebrate Christmas as brothers and sisters in union with each other.

 June Arran,  Leamington Spa


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

 This Christmas season we are thinking and praying for you in thelandofOur Lord's birth. We pray for a just and lasting peace and an and to the occupation and justice and peace for all the people of the so called "holy land". Love and prayers.

 Rev Stuart Dennis, Baptist Minister, Moulton, Northampton


We have you in our hearts and in our prayers this Christmas.

 May God bless you and may 2016 be an easier year for you all.

 Denis and Mary Daley,  Swansea, Wales


Thank you for nurturing our faith for more than 2000 years. How sad that you suffer today exactly the same adversities as the infant Christ and his family. We hope and pray for a more peaceful Christmas for you, may the Star shine out brightly.


 Felicity Young, Berwick upon Tweed


I hope and pray the wall will fall, the checkpoints will be taken away and Israeli and Palestinian will reach out hands in peace together with two nations having a mutual interest in the welfare of each other.

 Fraser Ritchie, Newport on Tay


All good and prayerful wishes for Christmas and the New Year.  May you have a peaceful  Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Anne Miller,  Canning Town, London


We are in solidarity with you and think of you especially at Christmas. We will keep you in our prayers and continue to campaign for justice until you and all inPalestineandIsraelare free with equal rights.

 Sending you our love and the peace of our Lord Jesus who was born inBethlehem.

 Deborah and Patrick Darnes,  Sandbach


You who are living in Palestineor in Gazawill be much in my thoughts and prayers as my family and I celebrate Christmas.  I deeply admire and respect your sumud in the face of occupation and oppression, and I look forward to visiting Bethlehemin May 2016.  Richard Llewellin,  Canterbury, England

 I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas and pray every day for the all the people of the Holy Lands that all may live in freedom, justice and peace.

 Valerie Simcock, Prestatyn, Wales


You are in our thoughts and prayers daily ~ our localFriends of Sabeelgroup sends their good wishes for a blessed Christmas, and pray for justice and peace in the New Year.

 We are inspired by your Sumud ~ we try to speak out whenever possible, especially to people in churches.

 Dear sisters and brothers ~ may God bless you this Christmas.

 Love and peace ~ salaam.  Susan Murphy, Preston


Surely your long wait for justice will end when your patience is rewarded and your faith remains intact. We love you.  Janine,  Hook


Dear Brothers and sisters in the Holy Landplease be assured of the support of my daily prayer. I'm united in spirit with you.  Eileen Mc Grath, Tottenham, London


Having visited Bethlehemfor the first time in 2015 I feel a closer connection with and concern for this special, holy town. May the love and grace of the God who chose to be born in Bethlehemrest upon all its inhabitants and may this Christmas see an advance in justice and peace.      Jill Baker,  Glasgow


I hope for your liberation.   Martin Hughes,  Wokingham


Peace to all inPalestineandIsrael. How long must you wait?

 Janice Clark, Malton


We pray that the message of the angels to bring hope and peace to all, will bear fruit in the coming year, and that justice will rule in thelandofChrist's birth.

 Ann Hillier,  Manchester


I pray that Christians around the world will recognise the injustice suffered by Palestinians and that their faith in a God of justice will encourage them to speak out.

 Lynn McAllister,  Southport


God bless all of His people on this anniversary of His birth.

 May you be blessed and helped at this special time and in your future lives. May you all feel God's care and protection through His son Jesus Christ. Amen

 Anne Ploss,  Bristol


To the people of Gazaand the West Bank

 My thoughts are with you this Christmas and during 2016.

 I spread the word wherever I can. PEACE. Lynne Adams, Coventry, U.K


Thinking of and praying for you as you celebrate Christmas this year. May the wall fall and peace come again to your troubled town. Jeremy Tear, Warrington

I have been showing an art exhibition from Gaza, 'Through Young Eyes' in North Walesover the past two months - and the response has been fantastic.  So many people are sharing your pain - and your struggle for peace and justice.  You are in our thoughts and prayers and we pray that God Immanuel will hold you close in his love this Christmas time!     Anna Jane Evans,  Caernarfon


I send you my love and want you to know you are not forgotten. I keep you in my heart every moment of every day and pray that one day soon Palestine will be Free. 

Jesus was born under occupation and far from his home. At this time, when we remember his birth, I wish you the Joy, Love and Hope that Christmas brings.

YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.   Love from Diana.    Diana Mills,  London

Do not lose hope. Our thoughts and prayers are with  you all. God bless you and give you peace in your hearts and lives.   John and Pat Mood,  Newcastle

We cannot, in this rural part ofEast Yorkshire, fully understand the suffering you are all going through and we can only watch and pray. But we do want to offer you our prayerful support and solidarity and pray that in the fullness of time there will be a time for peace and not war.

With every blessing this Christmastide from Anne White and the parishes of St Bartholomew Aldbrough, All Saints Mappleton, St Giles Goxhill and St Alban Withernwick.


Christmas messages to Bethlehem 

  from Pax Christi British Section


Take heart, have strength and courage. We don’t forget you. Our prayers. Sheila Gallagher

We will not forget your suffering. May peace come soon. Anne Nugent

People of Bethlehem; we are with you in our hearts – we love you, people of Bethlehem and pray in solidarity with you. Fleur Brennan

Praying for peace this Christmas. Ellen Teague

Praying that God will give you the strength to keep hoping, despite all the difficulties you experience. May Jesus be powerfully present to you – Jesus Emmanuel ‘God with us’.  Sr Rita Mc Loughlin FCJ

I pray that peace will come to you soon. Bernadette

May the Lord guide us to help you and be as one with you to bring peace. Helen L

Do not lose hope. You are not forgotten. May peace be with you and all your people. Anne Hogan

Wishing you peace and justice – you are constantly in our prayers. Joe Ryan and all at St John Vianney Parish

From London. God bless you this holy season. Thinking of you with all my prayers in hope of God’s comfort and compassion upon all of you. Much love is sent to you now and always. Brenda M

You are and will be always in our thoughts and prayers. Peace be with you. Helga

Peace to you all. Obusingye bube naimwe! Aloysius Beebwa

We shall pray for you in Glasgow. Marie Scanlon

We shall remember you all in prayer. K Nyland

God bless and grant you peace. Sr Syra

At this special time of year, I wish you Peace, Salaam, Shalom from London. Lauri

Love and a prayer that peace and love will always be in your hearts. Maureen Cahalane

The people of Kenya are with you. Thanin

Remembering all who have suffered and died in Palestine during this year, especially Yahem from Hebron. Mary Boley

May you find some peace amid your troubles. Cath

With our love and solidarity – we will think of you when we celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Patricia Pulham.

Love and prayer from London. Caroline

Dear friends, do not give up! As this most difficult year comes to an end

 may our tiny acts of solidarity and friendship encourage and support you.

 Pat Gaffney



 Peace Candle FOR Bethlehem


Bring this candle into your home

 And remember the people in Bethlehem

 Surrounded by a menacing WALL

 Closed up by threatening checkpoints

 Prisoners in their own city

 In their own country

 Peace comes from the CHILD in the MANGER

 Our prayers are urgently needed by the town of Bethlehem.


NO occupation of Palestine

 No wall in the country

 No illegal Jewish settlements

 No nasty tricks by settlers and IOF



God of Love,

 Of Justice and Peace

 Give SUMUD to the people of Bethlehem

 Strengthen all individuals

 Who take pains for PEACE and RECONCILIATION

 In Palestine and Israel

 Encourage myself

 To get involved for justice

 Which is the only root for peace



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