Call to artists worldwide: Arts challenging 50 years of occupation (2017)

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The Arab Educational Institute and Palestine Link in the Netherlands make a call to artists worldwide to contribute to activities on and near the Wall in Bethlehem.


 February, 2016

Dear friends,

The latest wave of repression in the occupied Palestinian territories once more underscores the complete unsustainability of the Israeli occupation. Yet this occupation is also the longest in modern times. In just a year’s time, in 2017, the occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza will have lasted 50 years. To commemorate this symbolic year and to give momentum to the challenge of occupation and the demand for the implementation of the legal rights of the Palestinian people, AEI and Palestine Link make an appeal to artists worldwide to prepare a performance or artistic product about the theme of “occupation”.

It is suggested to give artistic form to what “occupation” means to the artist or a group of artists. The product or performance will be put on display or will be played in front of/on the Wall around Rachel’s Tomb (north Bethlehem) during the year 2017. The preferred language, if language is needed, will be English.

We invite you to send digitally or physically an artistic work on occupation, or to come over to show the work or performance yourself in front of a local and international audience. The overall project will be largely a voluntary effort and the organizers will not be able to accommodate any costs made. However, we do commit ourselves to show artistic works according to our abilities and according to any guidelines given as long as they fit the occasion and context of display. For instance, it would be in principle possible to have a song or drama performed in front of the Wall by local amateur actors or singers when arranged well in advance. Also, slides of paintings or other visual arts could be shown on the Wall. We are ready to be in contact with you about any thematically or practically related questions you may have.

In order to organize and plan well, we request works to be ready at the very beginning of 2017 (January 1, 2017). This gives some space and time for artistic inspiration and implementation. The display of works on or near the Wall in northern Bethlehem will be done with attention to local and international publicity. The basic line will be a simple but clear “End to occupation”.

When you decide to participate in this event it will be helpful to stay in contact at an early moment. We therefore ask you to submit an idea for your contribution in the coming time. Please describe your idea in general terms and indicate what kind of practical support you would need in order to present a display of your work.

AEI and Palestine Link work together with other local and international organizations to publicize the call as widely as possible, and implement the activity. A decision about the precise moment of opening the event in 2017 will be made in the latter half of the year 2016.

We deeply thank you for your participation and solidarity, and for spreading the word.

With seasonal greetings,

The initiators:

Arab Educational Institute

Palestine Link

Arab Educational Institute:

Palestine Link:

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