June 5, 2017: commemoration of 50 years of occupation

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In June 2017 it will be 50 years ago that Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza. There will be many activities across the West Bank and Gaza to commemorate the victims and voice a Palestinian protest against the ongoing occupation.

AEI plans a full-day program on Monday June 5 along the Wall around Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, 

including a morning children’s program and in the afternoon a public program. In the early evening youth and women choirs will give performances to be followed by a joint Iftar (meal during Ramadan evenings).

All day long an LED screen attached to the Wall will show dozens of contributions by international artists reflecting on the human meaning of occupation and longing for freedom.

In the area of Rachel’s Tomb large, thin-metal story posters are fixed on the so-called Separation Wall, the Wall Museum. As a counterpoint to 50 years of Israeli occupation, AEI will ‘open’ during the commemoration 50 new arts wall posters expressing dreams of freedom. In springtime AEI will organize workshops for Palestinian youth and women to create these posters.

AEI will coordinate with authorities and other initiatives to bring out a peaceful message crossing Walls. We will raise publicity about the plight of the many landowners in the area who have limited or no access to their lands due to the building of the Wall. We will also voice a protest against the planned expansion of the illegal settlements Gilo and Har Homa and the planned building of a new settlement, Givat Hamatos, in the area between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Artists associated to the peace movement are invited to send us a brief power point, video or photos of arts work to be projected on the Wall during the commemoration. Prayers and wishes will also be projected or pronounced during the June 5 events, as well as during other occasions in 2017.

You are welcome to be present at the June 5 activities.


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